Support to the Philippines After Typhoon Haiyan

Haiyan ReliefPlease light a candle and join with others who are sending Healing to the many people affected by Typhoon Haiyan (Super Typhoon Yolanda) in the Philippines and elsewhere.

Also consider sending Support in the form of a donation to those working to provide relief in the wake of the devastating storm. Some organizations to consider are:


Learn More & How to Help Typhoon Haiyan Relief Efforts



** Seven Candles Healing Ritual


Ritual: Healing for the Philippines

created November 10, 2013 by Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary

On an altar or table, place one or more symbols of the Philippines. This could be a print-out of a small map of the Philippines, an image of the flag of Philippines, the name Philippines written on a card, or an object that came from the Philippines.

In addition, place symbols of the Elements of Nature, such as a small rock or stone for Earth, a lit incense stick in a holder for Air, a lit candle in a candle holder for Fire, a bowl of clean water for Water, and a quartz crystal for Spirit.

If possible, also have available a singing bowl, bell, rattle, drum or some other type of musical instrument to sound during the ritual.

PhilippinesTo begin the rite, connect with, sanctify, and honor the place where you are doing the rite and then experience yourself connected with the larger circle of life that is the biosphere of Planet Earth.

Spend a few moments in silence, connecting with, honoring, and asking for assistance of the Divine according to your own spiritual path, religious tradition, or philosophy.

Then, focus on being a conduit for spiritual healing.

Next, make a sacred sound with your voice and/or a musicial instrument, and as you do, experience yourself connecting with others who are also involved in spiritual healing work for the Philippines.

Now, focus on the Philippines as a whole as you sending love, compassion, strength, support, and healing.

Call on the Elements, using associated symbols as part of prayers of relief.

Powers of Earth, aid the distribution of food and supplies to those in need.
Powers of Air, bring plentiful clean air to breathe to those in need.
Powers of Fire, restore electricity & other sources of energy to those in need.
Powers of Water, bring plentiful clean water to those in need.
Powers of Spirit, bless those in need with healing, support, resilience, comfort, and love.
So Be It.

Make a sacred sound with your voice and/or musical instrument.

Bless, protect, comfort, and renew the Living who have survived the typhoon.
Bless those who have died and who are dying in their transitions to the Otherworld, and comfort their living loved ones.
Bless, strengthen, and protect those doing rescue, relief , and recovery.
Bless with stamina, wisdom, and effective communication and collaboration all those who are  helping and seeking to help.
Bless, renew, and make safe the land, the waters, the air, and sources of energy.
So Be It.

Make a sacred sound with your voice and/or musical instrument.

Now do a healing and well-being meditation.  This can be in silence, with chanting, through playing a musical instrument, or a combination.

To conclude, give thanks to the sacred forces you worked with:

Thanks to the Divine.  Thanks to the Earth, the Air, the Fire, the Water, and the Spirit.
Continued Blessings to the Philippines to those there, and to those connected.
Blessed Be.