Seven Candles Ritual of Spiritual Support for the Philippines

seven candles philippinesby Rev. Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary


On an altar or table, assemble at least one symbol of the Philippines, frankincense or other purifying incense, incense burner, seven candle holders, seven white candles, lighter or matches, and a bell.

Philippines symbol may be a map of the country, object made in the country, or other thing that can aid in focusing awareness on the country and its community of life.

This prayer ritual is structured for individual practice but can be adapted for groups.

Begin by lighting the incense.  Use it to purify and bless the ritual area, altar and ritual objects, and yourself.



Ring the bell to signal the start of the rite.

Do centering by taking deep, slow breaths, and then envisioning a radiant white light emanating from within you as you connect with the Divine according to the spiritual path you practice.

Now, look at the Philippines symbol(s) and as you do, call to mind personal associations and experiences to align your awareness there.

Begin kindling the candles, and as you do, say a prayer connected with each focus:

Candle 1: The Philippines
Blessings of healing, strength, support to the Philippines, its land, its people, its creatures and plants, its environment.

Candle 2: Survivors
Blessings of healing, stamina, comfort, relief, and hope to all who survived the typhoon.

Candle 3: Dead & Dying
Blessings of peace to the souls of those who died and to those who are dying.

Candle 4: Loved Ones
Blessings of comfort, strength, healing, reconnecting, and reunion to all who have loved ones displaced, injured, missing, and/or impacted by the typhoon and its aftermath.  Condolences and comfort to those who are mourning the deaths of loved ones and grieving the loss of homes, businesses, communities, and ways of life.

Candle 5: Rescue & Recovery
Blessings of strength, endurance, protection, and support to those involved in rescuing the living, to those recovering and burying the bodies of the dead, to those clearing away wreckage, and helping in other ways.

Candle 6: Relief & Renewal
Blessings of endurance, protection, and safe and speedy passage to those bringing water, food, medical supplies, shelter, clothing, other aid to those in need.  Blessings to disaster relief organizations, media, and others that are part of relief and renewal efforts.

Candle 7: World Community
Blessings of collaboration, compassion, and understanding among peoples, nations, organizations, and religious traditions and communities the world over.  May worldwide awareness and responses bring about greater cooperation among humankind, now and in the times to come.  May this energize efforts to work together for a more peaceful planet, healthier environment, and more sustainable world.

After each candle has been lit and prayers said, meditate on peace, love, and well-being as you experience yourself spiritually contributing to the global outpouring of support.

Give Thanks to the Divine according to the path you practice.

Ring Bell to conclude the rite.



After the ritual, journal about your experiences, perspectives, and insights.

Follow-up with some form of social action such as by donating money or volunteering help to an organization doing relief work.