Yule 2014

100 6751Saturday December 20, 2014

at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
Near Barneveld, Wisconsin
10 am - 6:30 pm

coordinated by Heather

Circle Sanctuary Community invites you to join us as we celebrate the Yuletide season.  It is another shift of the wheel, and though the days grow longer with the promise of Spring returning, the coldest days still lie ahead.


Articles, rituals, & more about Winter Solstice lore & traditions

Celebrating the Seasons: Winter Solstice 


Archive of previous Circle Yule celebrations:

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10 am Arrivals
Owl's Nest open for Yuletide Shopping:9am - 12pm, 1:30pm - 3pm, 6:30pm - 7pm Charity Food Drive: canned goods donations accepted
10 am Open for Arrivals
10:30 am Welcoming Circle / Opening Ritual: Please bring stories to share of your favorite childhood holiday traditions/stories
11 am Crafting Greens Table Centerpieces: in the Temple Room
We shall be crafting evergreen centerpieces for Yule Feast tables. After the feast you may take one home. Children and adults can decorate cookies for the cookie exchange after the Feast. Gingerbread and/or sugar cookies and frosting will be provided; you are welcome to bring your own cookies to decorate too!
Noon Break/Snack time & Owl's Nest Shopping
12:30 pm Crafting Poppers & Origami: in the Temple Room
We will be crafting poppers for Yule divination. Supplies and instructions shall be provided. Think of a good wish, poem, or "fortune" you would like to place within the popper. You may keep the popper(s) you make or put them into the community basket to be drawn out during the feast. This activity shall be for children & adults.
We shall also learn the Japanese art of folding paper: Origami. We shall learn to fold peace cranes as ornaments. This activity shall be for children & adults. If weather permitting and there is enough interest, Reed may lead a nature walk outdoors.
1:45 pm Cleanup Break & Owl's Nest Shopping
2 pm Magical Yuletide Giftbringers around the World workshop in the Temple Room with Selena Fox
Take a multicultural, interfaith, and international look at some magical giftbringers that have long been part of Winter Solstice, Christmas, and other Yuletide holidays traditions. Learn lore and more about the Yule Goat, Father Christmas, Santa Lucia, Horned Krampus, St. Nicholas, Black Peter, Grandfather Frost, Mother Holda, Santa Claus, Witch Befana, Three Kings, Jultomten, Yuletide Fairy, and others. Explore ways of incorporating one or more of these giftbringers into personal, family, and community Yule celebrations.
2:45 pm Break
3 pm Community Yuletide Gifting Circle in the Temple Room, facilitated by Shaman Santa & Horned Krampus
Bring a wrapped gift to give & include your name & a bit about the gift on a note inside the wrapping. There will be adults & kids gift circles guided by two Pagan Yuletide Giftbringer characters mentioned in the afternoon workshop.
3:45 pm Break
4 pm Yule Log Burning and Yule Ritual with Selena Fox & Heather
Let us celebrate one another, friendship, family, and the returning Sun. We shall begin outdoors with the Yule log burning and continue/conclude in the Temple Room.
5 pm Yule Feast and Cookie Exchange in the Temple Room
Please bring a dish to share, see potluck guidelines. Please bring 1-2 dozen of 1-2 varieties of cookies to exchange with your fellow celebrants!
6 pm Cleanup & Departures
To continue our community celebration please help conclude our Feast by assisting with take down of the Feast tables. Each person at each table will help with take-down & clean up of their table area. Safe Travels!


Items to Bring:

  • A favorite holiday tradition story from your family practice or childhood. A funny story during a holiday time.
  • 1-2 dozen of 1-2 different kinds of holiday cookies for the cookie exchange
  • 3 or more cans of food to donate to Circle’s annual food drive that benefits the local food pantry
  • A gift for the Gift Exchange. There will circles for adults and children. Please wrap your gift, and put a note about the gift inside the wrapping.
  • Contribution for potluck feast.  Please if your dish needs heated bring it in a crock pot.  Please be sure cakes, pies, cheese, etc. are sliced!  For more information, please read over our Potluck Guidelines.
  • Drum, rattle, or other rhythm instrument (if you have one)
  • Dress in holiday colors (red, green or white) if you want.
  • Stone for the Stone Circle (optional)