Welcome Spring 2022

Spring Magick 2022 squareSpring Magick

Saturday, March 19, 2022
1pm - 3pm Central

Held Online via private YouTube Live event

As the darkness diminishes and the light increases, we invite you to gather with optimism and joy as we fill our hearts with hope, renewal, motivation, and kindness.  As each day grows lighter and longer, we’ll work together to find balance as we Welcome Spring and the Growing Light!  



Welcoming Spring is like a breath of fresh air. So let’s also embrace the fertility of new ideas and experiences!



Did you miss it?  You can go back and watch it here, on Circle's YouTube channel!


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2022 WELCOME SPRING SCHEDULE (all times in Central)

1 pm Opening Greeting & Seed Blessing with Minister in Training Liz (livestreamed)
Happy Ostara and welcome to Spring!  At last, the days begin to grow longer, and the sun’s warmth is breaking through the icy grip of winter.  Join Liz as she talks about the magick of the spring Equinox; balance, renewal/new beginnings, gardening, fertility, growth, happiness, healing and much more!  Bring your seed packets for a seed blessing to help ensure good growth and a happy harvest! 
1:30 pm New Life Spring Forth! with Selena Fox (livestreamed)
Sacred work with Land, Plants, Creatures, Nature Spirits, and Pagan Springtime rituals and folkways for personal and planetary renewal and wellness.  Working with the powers of Springtime to aid emergence from two years of pandemic.  
2:30 pm Welcome Spring Ritual with Minister in Training Sean-Thomas (livestreamed) 
The spring equinox is a day of perfect balance with equal amounts of light and dark.  A time when the light half of the year is overtaking the dark half of the year, bringing with it all the hopes, dreams, and promise of spring and new growth.  Join in this livestreamed ritual as we celebrate spring and welcome back life after the cold, dark winter.



Pre-registration is required by NOON CENTRAL on FRIDAY 3/18.  Admittance is $10 to Circle Sanctuary Members, and $20 for non-members.  



If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.