Welcome Spring 2021

Ostara 2021 Circle website-squareWelcome Spring Equinox Festival

Saturday, March 20, 2021
1pm Central

Held Online via private YouTube Live event

Theme: Growing Light 

As the darkness diminishes and the light increases, we invite you to gather with optimism and joy as we fill our hearts with hope, renewal, motivation, and kindness.  As each day grows lighter and longer, we’ll work together to find balance as we Welcome Spring and the Growing Light!  



Welcoming Spring is like a breath of fresh air. So let’s also embrace the fertility of new ideas and experiences!



Did you miss it?  You can go back and watch it here, on Circle's YouTube channel!


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2021 WELCOME SPRING SCHEDULE (all times in Central)

1 pm Welcome Circle & Celebrating the Season with Rev. Jake
Start the day with a warm welcome to the festival! Rev. Jake will lead us in a presentation of a multitude of ways you might observe or celebrate this season!
 1:45 pm Dyeing Eggs Using Natural Materials with Ruth
Once upon a time, folks didn't have quick dye sets to make beautifully colored eggs. They used things like onion skins, beets, spinach, and red cabbage to color their eggs. Perhaps the most interesting facet of egg-dyeing is that the food items you use to color eggs don't always impart the color that you think they will! For this workshop, you will need at least a dozen hard-boiled eggs, and food scraps or natural items such as spinach, red cabbage, red and yellow onions, turmeric powder, coffee grounds, beets, blueberries, and maybe some brightly colored tea bags (like Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger tea!) Eggs can be brown or white to start with - but the dyed colors will be different based on what color egg you start with.  If you'd like to prepare in advance and follow along, you can pdfDOWNLOAD THE INSTRUCTIONS (152k .pdf) here!
 2:45 pm Beekeeping, Ecospirituality, and Pollinator Habitat with Meredith
Ever wanted to become a beekeeper? Join Meredith as she discusses not only the reasons to become a beekeeper but the spirituality of beekeeping. She'll also talk about and have videos and photos of the Blessed Bee Apiary.
 3:30 pm Sacred Sun Workshop with Rev. Selena Fox
Working with Sun imagery, cycles, chants, and rituals for personal and community renewal and well-being. Attuning to the magic of Equinoxes and Solstices as part of spiritual life.
 4:30 pm Growing Light Springtime Ritual with Anji
We gather in virtual ritual space to celebrate the Growing Light. The Growing light not only in the longer, springtime days of the returning sun but the power of light growing within each of us. Come feel your power.
 4:45 pm Connection Circle & Closing Wrap-up with Rev. Sharon
Just as the world turns on its axis and brings the return of the light, we also experience the return of our own light and energy. The growing light energizes us, and we believe our goals and dreams are achievable! How can you find ways to bring more balance into your life, so this light continues to grow in your daily life?



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