Welcome Spring 2019

Ostara-Altar-2016Welcome Spring Equinox Festival

Saturday, March 23, 2019
9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Barneveld, Wisconsin

Coordinated by Rev. Ana


More about Spring Equinox traditions:

Celebrating the Seasons: Spring Equinox
Egg Rolling Divination Ritual
Ostara Meditation



9 am Open for Arrivals! Please check in at the registration table in the Temple Room of the barn.
9:30 am Welcome Circle with Revs. Ana and Selena
Meet and greet, and learn all about the day's activities. In the Temple Room.
10 am Egg Hunt for All Ages with Jennifer Butterfield and Florence Edwards-Miller
The Goddess has been busy getting ready for Spring! Her helpers have scattered beautiful colored eggs all around the grounds for all ages to find. Bring your boots, warm clothing, your baskets and meet outside the barn for details about this year's hunt. Prizes will be awarded for all age groups, so don't miss out!
10:30 am Egg Hunt Prizes will be awarded to those who stepped up, in the Temple Room.
11 am

Lavender and Rose Herbal Incense Workshop with Willow Greenleaf and Billy Crow
Join Willow Greenleaf and Billy Crow to learn how to Hand Compound a Loose Herbal Incense you can use to welcome Spring into your homes. Fresh flowers, wine, dried herbs and essential oils and small jars to take your incense home will be provided. The recipe is from an ancient Roman recipe used to honor the Goddesses Demeter and Persephone.

Children and Families: Storytime with Florence
Stories and games teach our children about the Earth’s awakening from the cold sleep of winter. Meet Florence outside the barn to go the workshop in the house.

11 am - 1:30pm Resource Shop Open & Self-Guided Nature Walks 
12 pm Lunch and Social Time
Lunch will be provided, with options for carnivores, vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free folks. If you have more specialized dietary restrictions or requirements, please prepare to supplement accordingly. There will also be a Snack Table in the Temple Room for the day. Please bring a something to add or a dessert that does not require refrigeration or warming to share after the main meal.
1:30 pm

Powers of Springtime: Renewal & Rebirth  with Rev. Selena Fox
Creating and working with Spring divinities, imagery, ceremonies, chants, and customs for revitalizing self, healing from loss, dispelling despair, and stimulating growth.

Children and Families: Equinox Balancing Yoga for Kids with Florence
The equinox is a time of balance between day and night. Yoga is a practice that cultivates balance physically and spiritually. We'll try some basic yoga games and poses to cultivate balance and have fun!

3 pm Braided Altar Mat Crafting with Aviel and Florence
Join us in making small altar mats to welcome in the Spring. We will braid these mats and imbue them with the energies of renewal and growth. You can use them on your altar under candles, spell work, or as a trivet. Kids can work with their grown-ups on a joint mat or can use clay to make a coiled trivet.
4:30 pm Welcome Spring Main Ritual with Judith Willow Wind
6 pm Community Cleanup and Departures



Items to Bring

  • Wear something green to celebrate the Spring!
  • Packets & containers of Seeds you plan to plant in gardens & fields - to be blessed in ritual (optional)
  • Fresh flowers to decorate the Temple Room (we have some vases) or to leave as offerings on the land (optional)
  • A stone to donate to the Stone Circle. (optional)
  • A drum or rattle (optional)
  • A basket for gathering eggs during the egg hunt (optional)
  • Appropriate outdoor wear for the Egg Hunt and Nature Walk.
  • Slippers / dry shoes for use in the Temple Room. (optional)




Adults: $25 until 3/10, then $30 afterward and at the door

Youth (5 - 17): $7 until 3/10, then $10 afterward at the door

Children under 5 are FREE.




If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.