Welcome Fall 2019

world-1582347 960 720September 21, 2019

"Balance in the Seasons, Balance in Life"
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

Coordinated by Grace Kilpatrick

Join us for an insightful celebration of the Autumnal Equinox! When night and day are equal, we can bring that balance into our own lives - in who we are and in what we do. Wave goodbye to summer and say hello to fall with a Pumpkin Spice-palooza, workshops, ritual, and fun activities for adults & children!

More Information:

Celebrating the Seasons: Fall Equinox



Saturday, September 21st

9:30 am

Gate opens for Arrivals: Check-in in the Temple Room.

10:00 am

Welcome Circle with Selena & Grace in the Temple Room

10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Pumpkin Spice-palooza in the Temple Room
Bring your favorite "pumpkin spice" flavored food or beverage to share and let's celebrate these popular spices throughout the day!

10:30 am - noon

Annual Cider Press with Reed
Join in the annual preparation of apple cider by reaping the bounty of the land and working the press.

10:30 am

Workshop: Sitting in the Dark with Paul "Truly" Herrick in the Temple Room
The equinox marks the start of the dark time of the year, which asks ut od raw inward and address ourselves. But addressing darkness can be taxing and frightening. Come have a conversation about techniques and tools to help us move beyond coping with our darkness and towards addressing it and ultimately sitting with our darkness as a source of insight, power, and self knowledge.

Family Programming: Corn Dollies with Rev. Florence in the Summer Kitchen
Come make a seasonal corn dolly!

11:45 am


1 pm

Workshop: Celebrating Fall Equinox & Harvest Home with Rev. Selena in the Temple Room
Crafting personal, household, and community rituals, meditations, customs, and traditions balancing old and new, dark and light, internal and external.

Family Programming: Storytime & Pumpkin Spice Playdough Party with Rev. Florence at the Summer Kitchen
Enjoy your post-lunch food coma with a fall equinox story and homemade pumpkin spice playdough fun-time!

2:15 pm

Workshop: Bodies in Balance with Jen Vargas in the Temple Room
Join Jen Vargas, certified yoga teacher, in balancing our bodies through gentle, accessible yoga poses. The sequence will help us tap into the balance energies of the equinox and wake up to the energies of the Fall season!

Family Programming: Nature Walk with Rev. Florence at the Barn Steps
Join us for a gentle nature walk where the children will gather bits and bobs to make their Harvest Crowns!

3:30 pm

Workshop: Balance in the Threshold with Rev. Minerva in the Temple Room
We will examine ways to find your balance during times of change through magickal threshold workings.

Family Programming: Harvest Crowns with Rev. Florence in the Summer Kitchen
We will use the bits and bobs we found on the Nature Walk to make Harvest Crowns to wear in ritual.

4:45 pm

Welcome Fall Ritual: Sharing the Flame with Rev. Bo
A celebration of the harvest and a time to share with community and spirit the abundance in your life.

5:30 pm

Cleanup and Departures


Items to Bring

  • Bag(s) of apples for the Annual Cider Press
  • 'Pumpkin Spice' food or drink item for the Pumpkin Spice-palooza! There will not be refrigeration available, but the AC in the Temple Room will be on.
  • Your own bottle or cup for water, and/or a mug for coffee
  • What you need to survive in nature: sun-gear, rain-gear, insect and tick repellent, sun screen, sturdy shoes.
  • A lawn chair, mat, or blanket for outdoor seating. Weather depending, some activities will be outside.
  • Lunch will be provided, but feel free to bring snacks or supplemental foods – especially if you have dietary restrictions or severe allergies.



Adults (each): Through 9/8 9/9 - 9/20 At the Gate
Full Day Saturday $25 $30 $35
Children 5+ (each) Through 9/8 9/9 - 9/20 At the Gate
Full Day Saturday $15 $20 $25

Children under 5 are free.


Registration for this event is limited.  Please register online to guarantee you will be able to attend.

Cancellations received before September 15th will be refunded minus 50% processing fee. Cancellations received on September 15th or later will not be refunded. Please refer to Circle's cancellation policy if you should need to cancel your event registration.




If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.