Welcome Fall 2015

DSC 6580September 19-20, 2015

Old Tyme Community Harvest Faire: a Celebration of Hearth and Harvest

at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

Coordinated by Bo & Jenn Nelson

* Tastes of Fall Contest * Adult and Youth Workshops * Community Crafting * Cider Pressing * Nature Walks * Fall Equinox Ritual and more!

Circle Sanctuary's Welcome Fall festival is a celebration of the fall equinox and the second harvest in the form of a country faire! Come connect with the Earth and find the magic of the season through traditional craftways. There will also be a judging of volunteer pies, preserves, pickles, and breads in addition to a potluck meal.



Saturday, September 19th

9 am Gate opens for Arrivals
10 am

Festival Welcome with Reverend Bo

10:30 am

Tastes of Fall entries accepted
Adult Categories: Preserves, Baked Goods, and Fiber Crafts. Youth under 12: enter your artwork of any sort!

Apple Pressing by the barn with Reed

Lawn Games with Paul and John
Remember when all you needed to have a good time were your legs, lungs and imagination? Renew your sense of inner child and come play games with us. Pickle ball anyone? Maybe a game of Freeze tag or even a rousing rendition of Red Rover! Games on the grass for all ages and abilities.


Lunch behind the Farmhouse

1 pm

Youth Workshop with Reverend Bo
Creating corn dollies and poppets to be used in main ritual

Working with Fae and Sacred Woods with Jim
In the workshop today, I will talk about my woodworking practice. I will discuss how I use my energy and magic to build exotic pieces of wood art. I will discuss how I channel others energies and desires to get a piece that is just right for them and how their desires work through me. I will give examples of how this has happened to me. I will also talk about the fairies and how they work with me and sometimes against me to build a piece.

Embracing Herbal Bounty by Herbalynn
As we celebrate the September harvest, the changing season hints of the long winter ahead. Of course your herb harvest can stock your cupboards and add flavor to your food. What is already in your kitchen can also clean your home and enhance your health and wellness. With a dash of science and a sprinkle of folklore, this session will explore the richness even the most common herbs have to offer and how to weave them into your everyday life.

2:30 pm

Final Call for Tastes of Fall Entries

Youth Workshop with Reverend Bo
Walk the walk and talk the talk. Visit many of the sacred sites on Circle land, talk about why they are there and how they are important. Talk about energies associated with each site and leave offerings to honor each sacred spot.

Chickens are a Gateway Drug: are you SURE you want to be an Urban Homesteader? with Laurie Blue Heron
A light-hearted look at aspects of urban agriculture and homesteading in the city that you might not have considered before. "Back to the Land" in your backyard is not all roses! Laurie will share some humorous anecdotes from her own experiences to help you walk this path in balance, with your eyes wide open, and a smile on your face.

Ogham Workshop with Erika Rivertree
Learn about the system of Celtic Tree Divination called Ogham, including history, use, and casting methods.

4 pm

Tastes of Fall judging and prize awards

5 pm Feast of Thanksgiving
Your preserves and baked good faire entries will be added to the menu for our Community Harvest Feast of Thanksgiving.
7 pm Autumn Equinox Ritual with Bo and Daisy
8:30 pm

Movie Night on the Green!

Sunday, September 20th

8:30 am Nature Photography Workshopwith Bob Paxton & Florence Edwards-Miller
10 am Brunch behind the Farmhouse
11:30 am Farewell Circle
2 pm Final Departures