Welcome Fall 2012

Old Tyme Community Harvest Faire
A Celebration of Hearth and Harvest
Saturday, September 22, 2012: 9 AM - 7 PM
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

Celebrating the Seasons: Fall Equinox

* Wreath Weaving * Cider Pressing * Fiber Arts * Crone Apple Crafting * Mabon Magic * Nature Walks * Fall Equinox Ritual and more!

Circle Sanctuary's Welcome Fall festival is a celebration of the fall equinox and the second harvest in the form of a country faire! Come connect with the Earth and find the magic of the season through traditional craftways. There will also be a judging of volunteer pies, preserves, pickles, and breads in addition to a potluck meal.

Welcome Fall Events Schedule
9 AM:Faire Gates open for all!
9 AM - 12:30 PM:Exhibit Hall items accepted

Drop off your garden's best creations to be judged and then enjoyed during the community potluck! Categories are: Preserves, bread, pickles, garden-fresh vegetables, and pies! Winning selections will be shared at dinner.

9 - 10 AM:Self-guided Nature Walks
9:30 AM:Yarn Spinning Demonstration at the Blue Tent, with Brooke Laukant
10 AM:Apple Cider Pressing by the Barn, with Reed Cockrell

Bring your apples to donate and a mug to taste! He will be there until the apples run out!

10:30 AM:Mead Making Made Easy at the Yellow Tent, with Brad Allen

Whether you are new to mead or a professional brewer (or taster); come and learn a SIMPLE COLD BREW method of mead making that can get anyone started in this ever gratifying hobby. (ADULTS 21 & OLDER ONLY)

10:30 AM:Making a Corn Dolly (Children's Workshop) at the Blue Tent, with Brooke & Ken Laukant

Kids are invited to come and listen to some traditional Mabon stories and get a chance to create their own Corn Dolls (or action figures)!

11 AM:Leaf Art (Adults & Kids) at the Yellow Tent, with Jenn Nelson

Using colored leaves from the land (or home); come and learn a way to preserve their color and magic year round! Participants will take home a beautiful (and unique) display that they create!

11:30 AM:Mullein Magic at the Blue Tent, with Selena Fox

Explore culinary, medicinal, ornamental & magical uses of Great Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus). Learn when & how to harvest leaves, flowers, roots, & stalks. Discover ways to craft & use a Hag's Taper for ceremonies.

12:30 - 2:30 PM:Carnival & Faire on the Green with the Ghetto Shamans

Fun! Games! Prizes! Need we say more! Check back soon for a list of games and prizes. Hot Dogs, Turkey Dogs & Chips will be served gratis, on the Green. Additional game tickets may be purchased with proceeds from the additional tickets going to the Circle Sanctuary General Operating Fund.

2:30 PM:Drawing for Carnival Game Prizes/Exhibit Hall Grand Prize Winners Announced/Auction!
3:30 PM:Welcome Fall Ritual At Festival Circle, With Selena Fox, Bo Nelson & Others.
5 PM:Potluck Dinner
6 PM:Cleanup
7 PM:Departures