Welcome Fall 2011

Old Tyme Community Harvest Faire
A Celebration of Hearth and Harvest
Saturday, September 24, 2011: 9 AM - 7 PM
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

Celebrating the Seasons: Fall Equinox

* Wreath Weaving * Cider Pressing * Fiber Arts * Crone Apple Crafting * Mabon Magic * Nature Walks * Fall Equinox Ritual and more!

Circle Sanctuary's Welcome Fall festival is a celebration of the fall equinox and the second harvest in the form of a country faire! Come connect with the Earth and find the magic of the season through traditional craftways. There will also be a judging of volunteer pies, preserves, pickles, and breads in addition to a potluck meal.

Presenters include:

  • Rev. Anastasia Blechschmidtis a Circle Sanctuary minister, a life-long Pagan, and an elder in the community. Ana will be performing a demonstration of the construction of grapevine wreaths, as well as dried apple crones, and will explain the spiritual and magical significance of those objects for the Mabon season.
  • Rebecca Boelhower Santiis a Pagan business woman and the co-owner of The Cat and the Crow, a fiber arts store in nearby Mt. Horeb, which specializes in fiber arts such as spinning, knitting, crocheting, and felting using a variety of locally produced fibers. Rebecca will be presenting a demonstration on wheel spinning and making felted balls. This presentation will be kid friendly and all are invited to participate!
  • Reed Cockrell is a naturalist that has been working with Circle Sanctuary land for over 15 years. Reed will be coordinating our cider press to turn apple donations and apples from the Circle land into delicious cider! Bring a cup to sample and a container if you would like to bring a little home.

In The Exhibit Hall

Participants are asked to bring their harvests and goods of their harvest and enter them for Judging!
Categories are: Preserves, bread, pickles, garden-fresh vegetables, and pies!

Entries will become contributions for the Community Harvest Feast in the evening!

Community Harvest Thanksgiving Ritual and a potluck Harvest Feast to follow the faire!

Welcome Fall Events Schedule
9 AM: Faire Gates open for all!
9 AM - 2:30 PM: Exhibit Hall items accepted - entries will be enjoyed with dinner after judging
10 AM: Nature Walk with Reed Cockrell

Walk the land with Naturalist Reed Cockrell: uncover Circle's hidden apple treasures for cider pressing and crafts, and appreciate the wild beauty of harvest time.

10 AM: Honoring Roguszys with Vanessa

Learn how to make delicious old style sauerkraut and fermented pickles, and learn about the Lithuanian god of pickled food.

11:30 AM: Beginners' Fiber Arts with Rebecca Boelhawer Santi

Make wet felted balls and watch a wheel spinning demonstration

12 PM: Noontime Apple Blessings wit Reed Cockrell and Caitlin

Cider pressing by the barn with Reed Cockrell; bring a mug to sample! Caramel apple making with Caitlin in the summer kitchen.

12:30 PM: Discover the World of Bees and Beekeeping with Michael and Norma Bounk
1:30 PM: Harvest Crafts and Magic - with Ana

come learn how to make grape vine prosperity wreaths and dried apple crones, and learn the magic of the harvest time.

1:30 PM: Childrens' Craft Workshop - Making Dream Catchers with Brooke and Ken
2:30 PM: Judging of Exhibit Hall Entries - judges to be selected from the community
3 PM: Community Harvest Ritual at Festival Circle
4:30 PM: Country Potluck Dinner and Exhibit Hall Prize Announcements
5:30 PM: Cleanup
6 PM: Farewells and Departures



Items to Bring:

  • A contribution for potluck feast to feed at least two dozen people. Please see the Potluck Guidelines.
  • Wearing fall colored clothing and/or ritual garb is encouraged for the day but especially for the ritual in the late afternoon.
  • Drum or rhythm instrument, if you have one.
  • Apples to contribute for cider making.
  • Sterile canning jar to take some cider home with you.
  • Mug or cup to drink cider with.
  • Lawn chair and/or blanket.
  • Items for judging in the exhibit hall that will then become part of the Community Harvest Feast.
  • Harvest offering to give to the land during the Ceremony - a vegetable, fruit, nuts, fresh herbs, or other symbol of the harvest
  • Personal snacks if you wish
  • Bring your friends, families, children, a happy heart, and helping hands as we celebrate the Harvest together!