Welcome Fall 2010

Old Tyme Community Harvest Faire
A Celebration of Hearth and Harvest
Saturday, September 25, 2010
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin
About Fall Equinox Customs

Join in as the community comes forth, bringing our harvests, the goods of our harvests, demonstrations of our old tyme skills, and our helping hands as together we will create this Old Tyme Harvest Faire to celebrate the Fall Equinox and Welcome in the Fall! Dressing as farmers is encouraged!

Saturday the Faire Begins! 9 am - 7 pm

Demonstrations & Activities in the Big Tents

  • Herb Craft Workshop - Selena Fox
  • Apple Cider Pressing - Reed Cockrell
  • Dairy Arts (yogurt, butter, and simple cheese making) - Laurie Blue Heron
  • Homemade Ice Cream Making - Jen and Billy Crow
  • Fiber Arts Show & Tell (spinning, weaving, crochet & knitting) - Laurie Blue Heron and Holin Badger
  • and more to come!

    In The Exhibit Hall
    Participants are asked to bring their harvests and goods of their harvest and enter them for Judging! Categories are: Preserves, bread, pickles, vegetables, pies, fall center pieces or arrangements, and Scarecrows!

    Entries will become contributions for the Community Harvest Feast in the evening!

    Community Harvest Thanksgiving Ritual and a Harvest Feast prepared by the community to follow the faire!
    9 AM Gate opens for the community to come celebrate the harvest!
    9 AM - 11 AM Exhibit hall items accepted!
    9:15 AM Remembrance Salute: Join Selena Fox & others at Circle Cemetery for a remembrance of Wiccan veteran Sgt. Patrick Stewart & the others of Mustang 22 who were killed in action in Afghanistan in Operation Enduring Freedom on this day in 2005. This short rite includes the placing of flowers at the gravesite, ringing of a memorial bell, remembrance words & meditation, concluding with a salute by Pagan veterans. Meet at the gravesite. Bring fresh or dried flowers or herbs to place at the gravesite.
    10 AM Community Welcome to the Faire by Selena Fox, Festival Coordinator Joey, and the Lord & Lady of the Harvest!
    10:15 AM Dairy Arts with Laurie Blue Heron :
    Calling all cheese heads! Let's talk about Dairy Arts as Laurie shares some tips and techniques, including making yogurt, butter and simple cheese. If all goes well, we will enjoy some butter and fresh cheese at our harvest feast later.
    11:15 AM Herb First Aid Workshop with Selena Fox: Learn some ways of working with herbs to aid healing and well-being. This workshop includes herbal preparation demonstrations.
    12:15 PM Community Lunch Preparation:
    Together, the community will prepare and serve our mid-day snack! In the kitchen we'll be making home made preserve and peanut butter sandwiches on home-baked bread and doing some prep for the harvest feast! Blode will be leading caramel apple making in the summer kitchen! And Jen & Billy Crow will be leading homemade ice cream making on The Green! The mid-day snack will be served at 12:45pm on The Green. Everyone is asked to please lend a hand!
    1:15 PM Fiber Arts Show & Tell with Laurie Blue Heron & Holin Badger:
    Join Laurie Blue Heron for Fiber Arts Show and Tell: try your hand at spinning wool and weaving fabric on a loom. Bring along your favorite fiber art project for a little social knitting or crochet time. What's in your basket right now? Let's share! Holin Badger will be demonstrating combing and spinning wool. She will be bringing a drop spindle, the big walking wheel you stand to spin with and lots of fleece.
    2:15 PM Apple Cider Pressing with Reed Cockrell by the barn:
    Bring a cup or mug and your donated apples!
    2:15 PM Community Craft in the Summer Kitchen!
    Open to anyone! You'll be constructing your own Scarecrow that will be used for decorations during the community feast and then you can take it home with you!
    3 PM Old Tyme Community Games in the meadow!
    Join as we have the three-legged gunny sack races, frying pan throw for the men and rolling pin throw for the women! The games are sure to make everyone laugh! Let the fun begin!
    3:45 PM Announcement of Grand Prize Faire Entries!
    4 PM Community Preparation for the Harvest Feast!
    The entire community will help with final preparations for the Harvest Feast and help close down the faire.
    5 PM Harvest Thanksgiving Rite with Selena Fox and others! Celebrate Nature's bounty, community, and the coming of Fall in this celebratory Harvest rite.
    6 PM Community Harvest Feast
    7:00 PM Cleanup and Departures
    Items To Bring
    • Bring a drum or rhythm instrument, if you have one.
    • Bring apples to contribute for cider making.
    • Bring a sterile canning jar to take some cider home with you.
    • Bring a mug or cup to drink cider with.
    • Bring a lawn chair and/or blanket.
    • Bring your knitting and crocheting projects along.
    • Bring items for judging in the exhibit hall that will then become part of the Community Harvest Feast.
    • Bring a harvest offering to give to the land during the Ceremony - a vegetable, fruit, nuts, fresh herbs, or other symbol of the harvest
    • Personal snacks if you wish
    • Bring your friends, families, children, a happy heart, and helping hands as we celebrate the Harvest together!