Welcome Fall 2009

Old Tyme Community Harvest Faire A Celebration of Hearth and Harvest
Friday - Saturday, September 25 & 26, 2009
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin

About Fall Equinox Customs

Join in as the community comes forth, bringing our harvests, the goods of our harvests, demonstrations of our old tyme skills, and our helping hands as together we will create this Old Tyme Harvest Faire to celebrate the Fall Equinox and Welcome in the Fall! Dressing as farmers is encouraged!

And don't forget to come out on Friday night for our big Community Tent Raising!

Demonstrations & Activities in the Big Tents

  • Home Blessing Witch Bottle Making - Selena Fox
  • Old Tyme Fire Starting - Peter Watts
  • Wool Spinning - Cindy & Steve Colombo and Gwyn
  • Weaving - Peter Watts
  • Wine Making & Home Brewing - Laurie & Dennis
  • Apple Cider Pressing - Reed Cockrell
  • Quill Writing - Peter Watts
  • Home Canning & Card Reading - Diana Walters-Butler

Saturday the Faire Begins! 9 am - 7 pm
In The Exhibit Hall

Participants are asked to bring their harvests and goods of their harvest and enter them for Judging!
Categories are: Preserves, bread, pickles, vegetables, pies, fall center pieces or arrangements, and Scarecrows!
Blue ribbon winners will be auctioned later in the day as a fund raiser for Circle Sanctuary. (Other entries will become contributions for the Community Harvest Feast in the evening.)

Friday, 9/25 Fall Equinox Festival
5 PM Arrivals begin to get your personal camp set-up. Dinner is on your own.
5:30 PM Raise the tents!
Join in the fun as the community raises the tents for Saturday's Faire!
9 PM Community Bonfire with drumming and dancing
Saturday, 9/26
8 AM Potluck breakfast for the tent raisers!
8:30 AM Gate opens for the community to come celebrate the harvest!
9 AM - 11 AM Exhibit hall items accepted.
9 AM Community Welcome to the Faire by Selena Fox, MoonFeather and the Lord and Lady of the Harvest.
9:15 - 10 AM Canning Workshop with Diana Walters-Butler. :
Bring your questions, tips, share your recipes and join in! Bring your old tyme canning tools to show and exhibit!
9:15 AM Community Craft: Open to anyone who would like to help.
9:45 AM - 10:30 AM Weaving Demonstration with Peter Watts: Even try your hand at it!
10:15 - 11 AM Wool Spinning Demonstration with Cindy, Steve & Gwyn. :
Try your hand at a drop spindle! Watch a spinning wheel in action! Bring your chair and your knitting projects!
10:15 AM - 1 PM Apple Cider Pressing with Reed Cockrell. :
Bring a cup or mug!
10:30 AM Community food preparations of the lunch snack open to anyone who would like to help! Kids are encouraged to participate!
10:45 AM Quill Writing with Peter Watts:
Come try your hand at writing your name with ink and a Quill!
11:30 AM - Noon Concert with Michael Doran
Bring your blankets and enjoy the concert on the Green. Light snacks of the harvests will be served.
11:30 AM Card Reading will begin with Diana Walters-Butler.
Noon - 1 PM Community Old Tyme Games in the Meadow with Peter Watts and others:
Rabbit and Fox for the kids and those young at heart! Skillet toss for the men and rolling pin throw for the women! And more!
1 - 2 PM Home Blessing Witch Bottle Making with Selena Fox
Learn about the history and uses of Witch Bottles to protect and bless the home, and then make your own.
1 PM Old Tyme Fire Starting in the meadow with Peter Watts.
Come try your hand at it! Kids welcome!
1:30 - 2:15 PM Wine Making & Home Brewing Demonstration with Dennis and Laurie.
Come share your experiences and recipes!
2:15 PM Blue Ribbon Auction
Entries receiving a blue ribbon to be auctioned as a fund raiser for Circle.
3 PM Community Preparation for the Harvest Feast!
The entire community will help with final preparations for the Harvest Feast and help close down the faire.
4 PM Fall Equinox Ceremony - faciliated by Shel Skau, Selena Fox and others.
5:30 PM Community Harvest Feast
7:00 PM Cleanup and Departures
  • Friday night attendees should bring a potluck contribution for Saturday morning breakfast.
  • Bring a drum or rhythm instrument, if you have one.
  • Bring apples to contribute for cider making.
  • Bring a sterile canning jar to take some cider home with you.
  • Bring a mug or cup to drink cider with.
  • Bring a bit of soil or small rock from your home for use in Witch Bottle Making.
  • Bring a small glass jar with a lid for Witch Bottle Making (some bottles will be available for purchase at the Resources Booth).
  • Bring a lawn chair and/or blanket.
  • Bring your knitting and crocheting projects along.
  • Bring items for judging in the exhibit hall that will then become part of the Community Harvest Feast.
  • Bring a harvest offering to give to the land during the Ceremony - a vegetable, fruit, nuts, fresh herbs, or other symbol of the harvest
  • Personal snacks if you wish
  • Bring your friends, families, children, a happy heart, and helping hands as we celebrate the Harvest together!