Virtual Samhain 2021

Virtual Samhain 2021 square-4

2021 Virtual Samhain Festival:
Honoring our Ancestors

Saturday, October 30, 1-5:30pm central
Held ONLINE via private YouTube Live

Circle Sanctuary's Samhain Festival is taking different forms in 2021.

Due to the continued spread of the Delta variant of COVID, we will not be gathering in-person for a three-day and two-night festival as in pre-pandemic times.


1 pm CT – Welcoming our Ancestors – with Rev. Sharon (pre-recorded):
A welcome to the festival which includes inviting and welcoming our ancestors to join us for today’s celebration.  Bring white, red, and black taper candles (not tea light) and a string to tie around your 3 candles, plus a drip plate or candle holder to place under your candles; a seasonal essential oil or rosemary essential oil; Ancestor photos.

1:20 pm CT – Día de Muertos: More alive than ever! – with Rev. Laura Gonzalez (Live):
Day of the Dead is a celebration of life and the resilience of the human spirit and, even in times of adversity nothing will stop us from celebrating our dearly departed Mexican style! 

2:30 pm CT – Ancestors Communications & Divinations – with Rev. Selena Fox (Live):
Samhain is a powerful time for remembering, honoring, and communing with our Ancestors. Experience some sacred ways of working with a specific Ancestor as well as the Ancestral Realm as a whole.  Explore meditation and divination with Ancestors of Family, Ancestors of Place, and Ancestors of Spiritual Tradition.   Bring a photograph and/or symbol of a particular Ancestor you seek to honor and commune with.  Bring a new candle in a jar or votive glass to kindle.  Also bring a small mirror or bowl of water to serve as an Ancestral Realm portal.  Bring incense to burn and/or a bell to ring to bless your Ancestral workings.  Bring a deck of Tarot, Rune, or Oracle cards to use for divination, and a journal and pen for recording experiences and perspectives.

3:30 pm CT – Death Becomes Us – with Death Midwives Rev. Sharon & Rev. Minerva (pre-recorded) 
Just what constitutes a “good death?”  Death Midwives Sharon and Minerva have a conversation with suggestions and needs to provide a successful and meaningful death for you and your loved ones. 

4:30 pm CT – Samhain Ritual – with Dree 
Samhain marks the end of this year and the beginning of the next drawing near our Beloved Dead. In this Sacred season, we honor them, receive their guidance, and offer gratitude. But what about ancestors with whom we have a challenging relationship? How can we honor the Ancestors that hurt us or others? How will our Descendants view us when we become their Ancestors?

I invite you to join me in Sacred virtual space to commune with our Beloved Dead, send healing to the injured parts of our ancestral lines, and make commitments in love to our future Descendants.  


  • candle & a way to light it
  • piece of plain with paper & black, gold and/or silver markers or colored pencils
  • something to journal/write in with a pen or pencil
  • photos of beloved dead and/or items that belonged to them
  • plate/cup with offerings of food/drink/beautiful things
  • glass of water for drinking
  • tissues



Registration for Virtual Samhain has now CLOSED. Those who have registered will receive an email from the Circle Sanctuary office providing instructions on the next step.



If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.