Celebrating the Seasons

Samhain 2020

Spiral In or Spiral Out, Ancestors All About

October 30 - 31, 2020
ONLINE via private Facebook Group

Coordinated by Minerva, Messina, Aviel, and Raven

Samhain 2020 is our celebration of the spirals of life and our connections to ancestors.  We spiral in to the centers of our souls and we spiral out to our external selves.  We deepen our connections to our ancestors and with ourselves.  Whether you are preparing for the dark time of the year -- a time for introspection -- or celebrating your outer self and our most sacred Sabbat, join us.  Let's prepare with this reminder that we move in and out of aspects of our lives, of ourselves, of our ancestral connections, and of our families.  This is the perfect time of year to speak about divination, about grief, and to enjoy an Autumnal fire.  Join us as we prepare celebrate our new year, the third harvest, and the dark season in the Northern Hemisphere.

Samhain offerings will be presented in the Samhain Facebook group.  You’ll receive an invitation to the group once you’ve registered for the event.


More about Samhain:

Celebrating the Seasons: Samhain



All times in CENTRAL (UTC -5)

Sunday, October 25th – Saturday, October 31st

All Day

Silent Auction in the private Facebook Group
You'll have the opportunity to bid on amazing and wonderful items from our Pagan vendors. All of the proceeds go to support Circle Sanctuary.

Friday, October 30th

7 PM

First Annual Virtual Witches' Ball and Concert with Damh the Bard (live)Damh the Bard
Join the community as we gather for an hour of Celtic music from U.K. performer, Damh the Bard. Damh will regale us with lively, seasonal music to rouse our ancestors awake and shake our proverbial booties. Share photos of your witchy attire and engage with festival participants as we groove the night away.

Post photos of your costumes from this year or past years in the Facebook Group. Show us your dancing and enjoyment.

Damh the Bard is a modern-day Bard whose spirituality and love of folk tradition is expressed through his music, storytelling, and poetry. Drawing on the Bardic tradition, his performances are both entertaining and educational, speaking directly to the heart, and never without a good splash of humour.

With eleven outstanding albums, and singing and speaking engagements all over the world, Damh has become one of the most popular contemporary Pagan musicians – a musical storyteller who works within the world of myth: where the Faerie really do dance on Midsummer's Eve, where the trees talk, and the Hollow Hills take you into the realms of Annwn, where the Goddess rides her horse, guiding you to magic, and the Horned God of old calls to you from the shadows of the Greenwood.

Saturday, October 31st

10 AM

Opening Circle (live) With Rev. Messina, Rev. Minerva, Aviel, and Raven
Start your day with the Buttercup Manor household as we review the day's programs, guidelines, suggestions, and cast our extended Circle for the day.

Samhain Fire (live) With Brian Holt, Tegan Stynoski, Jessica Diaz, Kevin, and Melissa
We will also light the Samhain fire during our opening circle. Brian Holt will be kindling and keeping our sacred Samhain fire. It will be streamed in the private Facebook group from the moment it is lit until the end of the day. Share photographs of your Beloved Dead and memorabilia in the Samhain Facebook Group.

10:30 AM

Death, Dying, and Bereavement in a Socially Distanced World (live) With
Rev. Moonfeather (Death Midwife, Hospice Volunteer)
Tereesa Daul (Death Midwife & Hospice CNA)
Dana Basch, MS, LPC (Psychotherapist in private practice, Grief Counselor at Agrace's Grief Support Center)

With the pandemic changing the way that we socialize, we have had to limit and modify how we celebrate and honor our dying and dead. We've also had to change how we manage our own grief. Join our panel to discuss grief and grieving in our strange new world. The panel discussion will be live. You’ll be able to ask questions and make comments on the Facebook chat.

11:30 AM

Family Programming: Soul Cakes for the Sabbat (live) with Rev. Bo and Family
Join us in this interactive and informative workshop on making Soul Cakes. Bring your family together to learn the history and origin of this seasonal food while making your very own with us! Here are the ingredients that you'll need.
     2.5 cups All Purpose/Plain Flour
     2/3 cup Butter, softened
     3/4 cup Castor (Superfine Sugar)
     1/2 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
     1/2 tsp Nutmeg
     2 Eggs
     1/2 tsp Cinnamon
     2 tsp White Vinegar
     2 cups Confectioners’ Sugar (Powdered Sugar)
     2-4 tbsp Milk, almond milk, half and half, water, or flavored liquid of choice
     1/2-1 tsp Vanilla Extract
     1-2 cups Dried Cherries and/or Dried Cranberries and/or Raisins

12 PM

Social Justice: Día de Muertos and Cultural Appropriation (live) With Minister-in-Training Laura González
Día de Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a holiday that originated with the Aztecs and is mixed with Catholic and Pagan traditions. Join Laura González to learn more about the history of this Aztec holiday and the difference between cultural appropriation and appreciation.

1 PM

Family Programming: Spirit Painting and Lore (live) with Colleen Koziara
Join renowned artist Colleen, as she guides us through spirit painting honoring the season. Create your own masterpieces. Delve into your own labyrinthine journey as you join in for the creative engagement. Gather up your paints, brushes, and paper or canvases to create your spiral masterpieces.

2 PM

Divination Hour (pre-recorded) With Rev. Florence, Rev. Tiffany, and Amanda Costa-Eck
Join us during this hour of divination exploration. We will hear about bone reading, tea reading and tarot work. Our instructors will be available on Facebook chat during their presentations.

2 PM Bone Reading/Bone Scrying/Casting the Bones with Rev. Tiffany
Explore the lore and legends around using bones to connect with the divine.
2:20 PM Tasseography/Tasseomancy/Tasseology with Rev. Florence
Learn the history and how-to of tea reading in this informative workshop. To participate, bring a teacup and saucer, napkins, and loose-leaf tea.
2:40 PM Cartomancy/Tarot Card Reading, Creating connections with the Tarot and your Wise Self with Amanda Costa-Eck
Discover the history and common reading formulas of tarot card readings. Bring your own deck if you wish.
3 PM

Cemetery Rituals (live) with Rev. Selena Fox
Explore some types of ceremonies to remember and honor Beloved Dead and Ancestors at cemeteries at Samhain time and throughout the year.  Learn about some of the rituals held at Circle Sanctuary's Circle Cemetery, a national Pagan cemetery that also is one of the first Green cemeteries in North America.  This workshop is part of Circle Cemetery's 25th Anniversary celebration this year.

4 PM

Samhain Festival Main Ritual: In the Spiral (prerecorded) with you and your Ancestors
Beside you in the spiral, as we move through the labyrinth of life, our ancestors accompany us. We are supported by them. We learn from them. We are grounded in their experiences. Walk the labyrinth with us during the ritual. Join us as we travel the spiral, open the veil, and call upon our ancestors for support. We will spiral in and out of the maze just as we do through life. Remember, you aren’t alone; they are always with you.


Post-Ritual: We welcome any, and all, Samhain festival attendees to "hangout" via Messenger, Facebook Rooms, and the live feed of the Samhain Festival Fire.

ORDINATION CEREMONY: At 7:30 PM Central, Circle will hold an Ordination Ceremony for Charlotte Bear, Laura González, and Juliana Russell via YouTube Live:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MqwPnbwrK-8 
All are welcome.  

Some portions of this event will be live, and some will be pre-recorded. This will be held via private Facebook Group. Once you've registered for the event, you’ll receive an invitation to the group. All of the Samhain activities will be there. No login is required, just a Facebook account. Attendees must pre-register before 12pm Central on Wednesday, October 28 to receive the invitation to participate.



Registration for Samhain is now CLOSED.



If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.