Sacred Fire Circles

Sacred Fire Circles

DSC 2684Drawing from Shamanic, Alchemical and other traditions

Join us as we create this sacred space!


Scheduled Fire Circles for 2023:

Come connect deeply with community as we support each other on our mutual journey toward wholeness and holiness! Using the portals of Voice, Music, Movement and Service, we work ritual together from midnight to dawn, with the intention to release painful patterns and energies, gain access to our deep wells of creativity, and find personal transformation. We invite you to join us as we prepare the space before ritual by creating visual beauty and places for healing, meditation, and nurturance. As we work together, we also build bonds of community, friendship and mutual understanding which allow us greater trust and freedom within the Fire Circle. Join us in this powerful, deeply transformative journey. Songs, rhythms, poetry, dance or simply a hand to hold - your gifts are welcome here!

We invite and welcome friends from all traditions and paths to join us for this Sacred Fire Circle weekend! Join us in Sacred Ceremony as we drum, dance, chant, and trance, be of service, and connect with each other around the Sacred Fire each night from midnight to dawn. Together we will create a space for personal transformation, to manifest your dreams and prayers, to turn lead to gold.

Sacred Fire Circles are participatory events - - there is no staff, and the events are co-created by each of us making the commitments of contributions of service to the gathering. All participants are expected to help with the tear down of the Sacred Fire Circle closing morning as well as contributing an hour of general help closing the site after breakfast.

odfs1Afternoon workshops times are available for anyone who would like to share one during the weekend. Workshops aren't considered ahead of time. If you have a workshop you'd like to present simply post it on the community bulletin board with the time and place and announce it at the meals! Drumming, chanting, dancing, yoga, energy work, stone work, Shamanic or alchemical workshops or what ever you have to offer bring it on!

Once you have registered for the Fire Circle you will be invited to join a Fire Circle Chat list. This is a great way to meet the tribe and ask questions before the Gathering and perhaps drum up interest for workshops you'd like to present.

All meals are provided as part of the registration fee. Vegetarian and gluten-free dietary choices are accommodated. There is an option to provide your own food, however there is no storage available for personal food. Please be prepared to store your food at your campsite in critter proof containers, with enough ice to last the weekend. It's expected that everyone gather at the picnic tables for lunch and supper, as we use this time for announcements and share community.

A typical day at the Gathering will begin at midnight with the Sacred Fire Circle going until dawn. At dawn, breakfast will be available. Following that will be quiet/sleep time until lunch. After lunch there will be workshops in the afternoon you may choose to attend, as well as meetings with your docent group and completing your contribution of service to the Gathering. Dinner will be served and following dinner is again a quiet/sleep time until we start all over again! If you have trouble sleeping in the daytime, ear plugs and an eye mask are highly suggested.

DSC 7783Please plan on remaining on site for the entire weekend.

Quite a lot of singing and chanting happens in Fire Circles. For lyrics to many of the ones we frequently use, CLICK HERE (.pdf).

Adults and mature teens with adult supervision are welcome to attend the Gathering. Teens are expected to participate in all aspects of the Sacred Fire Circle just as adults. Unfortunately, at this time, we can not have children at this Gathering.

Please do not bring pets, fireworks, alcohol, illegal drugs, or unregistered people to these Gatherings.



Registration for the 2019 Labor Day weekend Fire Circle IS NOW OPEN!  For more information, please check this space for announcements or join our Facebook group.

If you have further questions, please contact the Circle office at