Pentacle Quest 10th Anniversary Celebration

10th Anniversary Celebration
of Veteran Pentacle Quest Victory

Pentacle-Quest-Victory-DayOn April 23, 2007, the US Department of Veterans Affairs finally added the Pentacle to its list of emblems of belief that can be added to memorial markers it issues for graves of deceased veterans.

Since that time more than 200 Pentacle inscribed VA markers have been issued and placed at gravesite in public and private cemeteries across the USA.  Circle Cemetery in Wisconsin & Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia were the first two cemeteries to receive VA Pentacle markers in 2007 and are the two cemeteries with the most (nine each). 

On April 23, 2017, Circle Sanctuary will be celebrating the victory with a special ceremony at Veterans Ridge of Circle Cemetery.  It will be facilitated by Rev. Selena Fox, assisted by others, including Rev. Dave Sassman of Indiana and Karen DePolito of Utah, widow of Jerome Birbaum, the first Pagan veteran to have cremated remains buried at Circle Sanctuary and whose grave is marked by one of the first VA Pentacle markers to be issued.


10 am Open for Arrivals
11 am Welcome at Circle Sanctuary Temple
11:30 am Procession to Circle Cemetery
Noon Ceremony at Circle Cemetery
1 pm Potluck Reception at Circle Sanctuary Temple

For those taking part in Circle Sanctuary's Earth Day Festival on Saturday, April 22 who would like to overnight, please contact the Circle Sanctuary office for more details.



Tuesday, April 18: Reflections on 10th Anniversary of Veteran Pentacle Quest Victory
Listen or download here (172MB .mp3)



More information about the Veteran Pentacle Quest & its Success