Imbolc 2023

Imbolc 2023 square"Brigid's Wisdom"

Saturday, February 4th
9 pm - 5 pm Central time
Held IN PERSON at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve

Today we will be exploring and learning Rune Lore and Wisdom; we will learn about Brigid and some of her sacred ways and we will share poetry (your own or others). Wisdom and inspiration received via the workshops offered will feed into finding your (power) word for metal crafting, Brigid icon making, candle carving, etc.  Your crafted item will then be used in the ritual.  Join us! 



9:00 AM: Open for Arrivals and Mingling
Please check in at the Temple Room in the barn.

9:15 AM: Announcements about the Day's Events and Opening Ritual with Heather
Weather permitting, the announcements and Opening Ritual will be held at Brigid's Spring. Gather initially in the Temple Room. 

10 AM: Workshop: Fire & Ice in the Elder Futhark with Chris Ponder
Even if you have never studied the Elder Futhark, chances are you have at least a passing familiarity with the Runes of the Northern Folkway.
In this hands-on 'playshop', we'll explore the interaction of the Runes within an 'elemental' framework.  You'll be introduced to staves rooted in Ice, staves rooted in Fire, and  staves that are born at that dynamic place where Fire and Ice come together.  
In the act of creating your own rune or bindrune pendant, you may discover a new way to think about where you find ~yourself~ rooted among the staves -- Fire, Ice, or on the move in between.
We've got hand-drilled wood blanks, carving knives, paint pens, beads, and lacing.  All we need is YOU.

Family Programming TBA

11:30 AM: Poetry Sharing
Bring your own poetry or song lyrics. Or read from your favorite poets. Or bring CDs or streaming of your favorite songs about Brigid to play during lunch!

Noon: Lunch Break
Bring your own sack lunch and beverage.  Enjoy time with the community or be out enjoying the land or fire! Resource Shop located in the upstairs of the barn will be open!

1 PM: Bright Brigid Blessings with Rev. Selena Fox
Explore some sacred ways of working with the Celtic Goddess Brigid for inspiration, transformation, healing, and wellbeing at Imbolc time and throughout the year.  Workshop includes incantations and visualization experiences.  Bring a journal and pen for noting guidance and ideas.  
Also available for remote livestreaming - register here!  This workshop is included with in-person admission.

Family Programming TBA

2:15 PM: Crafting in the Temple Room with Heather, Robin, and Becky
Using the inspiration received from attending the workshops or from being out on the land, there will be three crafting stations for you to create and put your power words into metal, a Brigid Icon, or candle carving. The crafting workshops will be for children and adults combined. 

4 PM: Main Ritual: Poetry of Will with Leigh
Bring your power words and objects in thought, runework, metal, or candle as we gather together to bring life to our intentions through chanting, fire and community. 

5 PM: Cleanup and Final Departures
The day is not done until the last task is completed. Please stay until the end to help with clean up and take down. Community is a participation sport and the teamwork of take down is the best kind of magic to take home with you. 



Celebrating the Seasons: Imbolc



  • Dress for a Wisconsin Winter: good coat, hat, hand coverings, boots. 
  • A votive holder and candle for ritual. 
  • Yule greens to cast into the fire as part of the annual Burning of the Greens. 
  • Your own taper candles to carve runes into. 
  • A notebook and pen to take notes during workshops. 
  • A sack lunch. 
  • Your own water bottle / mug for drinks to reduce waste.  
  • A different pair of shoes or slippers to wear inside the Temple Room is also a good idea, to keep the Temple Room floor free of wet and mud. 

Please DO NOT bring any peanuts or peanut products due to a severe airborne allergy.



All registrants must show proof of COVID-19 vaccination.  If we do not have your vaccination info on file, please email a photo of each person's vaccination card to circle@circlesanctuary.org.

No registrations will be accepted at the gate.  All attendees must observe Circle's COVID Guidelines.

Adult admission is $30 until 11:59pm on 2/2. Admission for youths 5-17 is $20 until 11:59pm on 2/2. Admission for children 0-5 is free.


Cancellations received before January 29th will be refunded minus 50% processing fee. Cancellations received on January 29th or later will not be refunded. Please refer to Circle's cancellation policy if you should need to cancel your event registration.



If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.