Imbolc 2022

Brigid Icon Altar"Kindle The Flame"

Saturday, January 29th
1 pm - 3pm Central time
Held ONLINE via private YouTube Live

Workshops, poetry readings, and Imbolc Ritual

Imbolc is a magickal time of hopeful anticipation. As Winter is melting and Spring is budding, let's ready ourselves for growth by tapping into the energies of Imbolc and celebrate the limitless potential of new beginnings.


1:00 PM -- Opening Greeting with the Bear Family 
Reverend Char Bear, Reverend Andrew Bear and their son, Benjamin, of California welcome everyone to this Imbolc Festival and share their families’ ways of honoring and celebrating this season.   

Poetry Readings – various Circle Sanctuary members 

1:30 PM -- Workshop: Brigid of the Sacred Sun with Selena Fox 
Explore some ways of invoking, attuning to, and working with Brigid as Sun Goddess at Imbolc and throughout the year.  Learn about Brigid as Goddess of Waxing Light and Sun Maiden.  Explore work with a Brigid Cross for home blessing and Sun rituals.  This livestreamed workshop includes chants and guided meditation. 

2:30 PM -- Joining Together Around a Sacred Flame Ritual with Rev. Bo Nelson 
Bring your own candle as Rev. Bo and community members across the country join to unite the sacred flames of this community filling ourselves with joy and happiness.   



Celebrating the Seasons: Imbolc



Registration for this event is now CLOSED.  Join us for the next one!



If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.