Celebrating the Seasons

Imbolc 2021

Imbolc 2021 Circle websiteHealing, Preparation, and Inspiration for New Beginnings

Saturday, January 30, 2021
10 AM - 3 PM Central
ONLINE via YouTube Live

Coordinated by Dree Amandi

Imbolc is a magickal time of hopeful anticipation. As Winter is melting and Spring is budding, let's ready ourselves for growth by tapping into the energies of Imbolc and celebrate the limitless potential of new beginnings.

Schedule of Events


10 am Warmest Welcome with Dree
Join Dree as we gather together in virtual space and look at the day's programming.
10:10 am Family Programming with Dree
Enjoy a seasonal story and craft to help us say "Goodbye Winter and Hello Spring". We will be making Wake-Up-Wands and Waker-Shakers!
  • Wand Supplies (beginner level): a couple of sticks, 1 inch bells, chenille stems (optional: colored yarn and/or ribbon)
  • Shaker Supplies (intermediate level): 2 paper bowls, dried beans, jumbo wood craft stick, stapler or liquid glue, duct tape or masking tape, colored markers (optional: single hole punch and colored yarn/ribbon)
11 am Shadow Work for Healing with Rev. Jewels
We all come with baggage, much of which we consider "bad" in some way - bad experiences, things we wish we had done differently, the list goes on. What would happen if we unpacked and dealt with all of it? Shadow work is doing that unpacking in a constructive way that allows us to heal and move to a healthier space, often mentally and physically. Join Rev. Jewels in learning ways we can start a healing journey through our own shadows and how it can impact our lives.
11:30 am Intoning the Goddess with Rev. Char Bear
The vocal quality of ritual leaders can greatly enhance the overall quality of the ritual. And yet, this vital vocal element of ritual can get minimized or be overlooked. The Forces of Nature, Elements, Entities and Deities we invoke and represent in ritual have Sacred Voice. Practicing ways to embody Sacred Voice and to share it is a useful skill for public ritual leadership. Join Rev. Char Bear to learn some classical vocal training tips to help you to enhance your own vocal impact in public ritual.
12:30 pm Brigid Healing Meditations with Rev. Selena Fox
Sacred work with the Goddess Brigid at Imbolc and throughout the year for healing self, others, and Planet Earth. Workshop includes aligning with Brigid Fire, Brigid Water, and Brigid Spirit. Bring a white candle and a bowl of water to work with, plus a journal and pen for noting meditative and ritual experiences.
1:30 pm Imbolc Ritual of New Beginnings and Infinite Possibility with Rev. Bo Nelson
The season of winter is when we go inward to discover the magick within ourselves.   It is during the festival of Imbolc that we start to contemplate new beginnings.  It is the time to get lost in the wonder of the infinite possibility of the world, which we will soon begin to manifest for ourselves.



This privately-broadcast event will be held on YouTube Live. It will have pre-recorded classes/workshops and a live (weather permitting) workshop with Selena Fox. Attendees must pre-register before noon Central on January 28 to participate and receive the invitation/YouTube link. No login will be required.



Celebrating the Seasons: Imbolc



Registration is CLOSED for this event.



If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.