Celebrating the Seasons

Imbolc 2020

imbolc 2Light is Returning!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

9 AM - 6 PM
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve near Barneveld, Wisconsin

Coordinated by Amanda Bahnson

Imbolc is an ancient Celtic festival that marks midwinter in the solar calendar.  It is a time to prepare for coming out of the dark time of the year and into the light of spring.  Join our community as we learn about ways to prepare for the lengthening days and return of the light half of the year.

Schedule of Events


9 am Commmunity Set Up
9:30 am Open for Arrivals
10 am Opening and Welcome with Amanda in the Temple Room.
We will start the day with a welcome and cleansing ritual to shake off the darkness and welcome in the light.
10:30 am

Healing and Meditation with Minerva, Amanda, and others in the Temple Room
Receive some healing for yourself, send some healing to your loved ones and to the world, or hold space as others from your tribe receive healing. You may choose to experience the gift of healing with our very own community’s healers by enjoying a short relaxation massage, a brief Reiki treatment, sitting in quiet meditation, or wandering on a healing journey, or more than one of the above. The choice is yours.

Family Activities: DIY Healing "Owie" Balm with Meredith and Florence in the House
For the kind of minor scrapes and bumps that kids get all the time, a kiss, a bit of healing energy, and a dab of "Owie" balm can stop tears and get them back to playing. Together we'll assemble a batch of balm made with healing plant oils and wax from Meredith's local bees (a full ingredients list will be posted soon) and we'll learn about charging it with healing energy. While our balm cooks and sets we’ll decorate labels for the balm and play games.

12 pm Sack Lunch in the Temple Room
Come together as a community to enjoy a meal.  Please bring a sack lunch to eat, and snacks to share.
1 pm

Brigid of Sacred Waters - with Selena Fox in the Temple Room
Since ancient times, Brigid has been a Goddess of Sacred Springs and Holy Wells. Learn about some of these sacred sites associated with Her and some ways of working with Brigid as Goddess of Sacred Waters for healing, wisdom, inspiration and wellness. Bring a small bowl to work with during this experiential workshop.

Winter Walk, Hot Chocolate, & Storytime with Florence
We'll connect with Imbolc themes of life within the winter and Brigid as storyteller during our afternoon family workshop. Weather permitting, we'll put on our boots and coats to go out onto the land and look for signs of the how the plants and creatures are surviving the cold. Afterward, we'll warm up with a bit of (not-too-hot) hot chocolate and seasonal storybooks.

2:30 pm Candle Making for Candlemas – with Amanda in the Barn Lounge
Imbolc, or Candlemas, is a traditional time for making candles for the year. Join us as we learn about different methods of making candles, and how to do so at home without making a complete mess of the kitchen. We’ll make several tea lights for you to take home. Kids welcome with close adult supervision.
4 pm Burning of the Greens
Join in a farewell to Yule with the burning of Yule evergreens at our bonfire circle. Bring evergreens or use what’s provided.
4:30 pm Imbolc Ritual with Grace in the Temple Room
A ritual to Celebrate the Returning Light, halfway between the Solstice and the Equinox.
5:30 pm Community Teardown
6 pm Final Departures



  • White candle in a jar for ritual
  • Brigid images & symbols to be blessed (optional)
  • Yule greens to cast into the fire as part of the annual Burning of the Greens
  • Jar with lid for collecting water from Brigid's Spring (optional)
  • Drum or rattle, if you have one, to play in rituals
  • Snowshoes for yourself or to share with others (optional)
  • A personal cup or glass you can drink out of all day to reduce waste
  • Sack lunch, plus snacks to share (no peanuts, please!)


DRESS: Bring clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather as part of the ritual will be outside. Bring snow shoes if you have them for walking on the land if snow depth warrants this.  Boots for outside Nature walks are highly recommended. A different pair of shoes or slippers to wear inside the Temple Room is also a good idea, to keep the Temple Room floor free of wet and mud.

DO NOT BRING: Please do not bring fireworks, firearms, illegal drugs or animal friends/pets.



Celebrating the Seasons: Imbolc



Registration for this event is limited. Please register online to guarantee you will be able to attend. Some same-day registration may be available depending on numbers.

Adults: $20 in advance before January 19, or $25 from January 19 - January 31, or $30 at the door.

Youth (5 - 17): $5 in advance before January 19, or $7 from January 19 - January 31, or $10 at the door.

Children under 5 are FREE.



If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.