Imbolc 2019

imbolc 2Community Imbolc Festival

Nurturing Ourselves - The Magical Ingredients of Self-Care, Winter Wellness, and Healing
Saturday, February 2, 2019

9 AM - 7 PM
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve near Barneveld, Wisconsin

Coordinated by Rev. Shel Skau

Imbolc is the time of year, while casting our eyes towards hopes of Spring, we are still focused on making it through the harsh season. While our ancestors were concerned about using up the last 'stores of the harvest' we can also find ourselves experiencing this in a figurative sense. Brigid, the Goddess of Imbolc, teaches us to nurture the seeds of healing and new growth before their actual emergence in these dark days. In the last moments of Winter's darkness, before the dawn of Spring, let us gather together as a tribe to celebrate healing, nurturing, and ways to best care for ourselves while we wait out Winter, in hopes of Spring.

Schedule of Events


9:00 am Set Up
Events are community wide opportunities to serve and set the foundation for the celebration. It is when the real magic begins. Shel Invites you to come and be a part of the crew that builds the container. It is a great way to meet those in our community you have not yet had a chance to get to know.
10:00 am Open for Arrivals
* Bread Bakers! - For our community ritual and feast we ask that you bring donations of bread that reflect the Imbolc holiday. Be creative! When dropping off your bread please include a note card with your name, description of the ‘work of art’.
* Not a bread baker, then please donate a root vegetable contribution and any fresh indoor grown herbs you brought to share. These will be used in the creation of a community soup served for our feast.
* Resource Shop - Will be open off and on all day. Schedule will be posted at the bottom of the stairs to the shop.
* Snack table - Please feel free to bring snacks to share with your community. Remember - no peanut products of any kind.
10:30 am Opening and Welcome with Shel and the Imbolc team in the Temple Room.
11:00 am The Sacred Art and Spell Craft of Comfort Foods – with Shel Skau in the Temple Room
Comfort foods often get a bad rap when it comes to thinking of healthy self-care. In this workshop we will look at the use of foods as a spiritual celebrant and how to turn comfort foods into something both nutritious for our bodies and our spirits. With a focus on winter wellness we will embrace the practical magic of cooking in a simple and easy way.
Youth Activity: Poetry Writing
Inspired by Brigids' Imbolc creativity the kids will partake in a poetry workshop, exploring ways to evoke the senses and elements. (Multiple options available depending on comfort and age/school level.) Kids can use the poems as spells to set an intention for the year or just for fun!
12:00 pm Nourishment; both literal and spiritual.
* Snack table and/or your own sack lunch.
* Winter Walk - Take some time to go on a self-guided walk to look for signs of wildlife, spring, and healing. Be sure to grab a scavenger hunt sheet before you go so you can mark down all that you have seen. Once completed turn in the sheets at the registration table.
* Butter Making - As a community we will learn how to make butter. It takes a lot of hard work to hand churn butter, so we invite everyone to stop by at some point and take your turn at the churn. The butter made today will be severed at our community soup feast.
* Shopping - Buying items from the Resource Shop is just one of the many ways you can support Circle Sanctuary. While you are there check in to see when your Circle Membership expires and see if it is due to be renewed. Not yet a member? Ask for more details!
* Community Conversations - Use this time to connect with those you have not seen in a while and catch up!
1:00 pm Healing with Brigid - with Selena Fox in the Temple Room
Working with the Goddess Brigid for healing self and others through invocations, meditations, shrine keeping, chants, rituals, and imagery. Bring a white votive candle in candleholder to kindle, plus an amulet or piece of jewelry to energize. Also bring a journal and pen for noting healing guidance.
Youth Activity: Poetry Fire and Brigid's Spring
Weather permitting, we'll head outdoors to share our poems with the fire and talk about Imbolc fire magic. Poems can be read to the fire or just given to the fire as an offering to burn. Then we'll journey to Brigid's Spring, to learn about the healing of Brigid, and we'll share some treats with the fairy folk.
2:30 pm Brighid’s Healing Sword Meditation – with Rev. Sharon Stewart in the Temple Room
Youth Activity: Clay Magic & Stone Soup
Youth will explore molding of clay by exploring various forms of creativity. The clay will be used later in the main ritual. We'll also enjoy story time with the Book Stone Soup to learn about the tribe's community dinner later in the evening.
3:30 pm Imbolc Community Ritual followed by Burning of the Yule Greens
4:30 pm Community Soup Supper
6:00 pm Clean up and Departure
The day is not done until the last task is completed. Please stay until the end to help with clean up and take down. Community is a participation sport and the teamwork of take down is the best kind of magic to take home with you.



  • White candle in a jar for ritual
  • Brigid images & symbols to be blessed (optional)
  • Yule greens to cast into the fire as part of the annual Burning of the Greens
  • Jar with lid for collecting water from Brigid's Spring (optional)
  • Drum or rattle, if you have one, to play in rituals
  • Snowshoes for yourself or to share with others (optional)
  • A personal cup or glass you can drink out of all day to reduce waste
  • Root vegetables from your garden to share in the Community Soup to be made by the kitchen witches
  • Fresh herbs you have growing indoors to share for the comfort food workshop and dinner
  • Sack lunch
  • Snacks to share with the community


DRESS: Bring clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather as part of the ritual will be outside. Bring snow shoes if you have them for walking on the land if snow depth warrants this.  Boots for outside Nature walks are highly recommended. A different pair of shoes or slippers to wear inside the Temple Room is also a good idea, to keep the Temple Room floor free of wet and mud.

DO NOT BRING: Please do not bring fireworks, firearms, illegal drugs or animal friends/pets.



Celebrating the Seasons: Imbolc



Registration for this event is limited. Please register online to guarantee you will be able to attend. Some same-day registration may be available depending on numbers.

Adults: $20 in advance before January 19, or $25 from January 19 - February 1, or $30 at the door.

Youth (5 - 17): $5 in advance before January 19, or $7 from January 19 - February 1, or $10 at the door.

Children under 5 are FREE.



If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.