Imbolc 2016

imbolc 2Celebration of the Celtic Fire Festival of Imbolc

Brigid's Day Festival

Saturday, January 30, 2016

9 AM - 7 PM
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve near Barneveld, Wisconsin

Coordinated by Sharon & Florence

Spark Your Fire!

The ancient festival of Imbolc is a time of light within winter, life out of the cold, and a celebration of Brigid, Goddess of healing, crafting, and inspiration.

Brigid is an ancient goddess who has reached out and touched the hearts of many people today.  Join Circle Sanctuary as we connect to Brigid through our hands with crafting projects and our hearts through meditations and rituals. 



9 am Community Setup
Events are community wide opportunities to serve and connect. We invite everyone to come early to help with set up and be a part of the crew who helps set the stage and builds the container that will be our day.
9:30 am Open for general arrivals
The Owl's Nest will be open for shopping periodically throughout the day.
10 am Circle of Welcome and Meet & Greet with Sharon, Florence and others
10 - 10:30 am

"Stone Soup" Community Candle with Florence
Got wax from candles (including spell candles) lying around and you don't know what to do with it? Bring it to contribute to our crucible of wax as we physically craft new tea light candles, and spiritually use the transformative the energy of Imbolc to renew and reinvigorate ourselves! Everyone will get to take a few candles home!

10:30 - 11:30 am

"Brigid's Voice: Reading Poetry" with McKenzie Zeiss
Imbolc, as Brigid's holiday, is a sacred time for celebrating poetic inspiration. The art of poetry is an extension of ancient bardic traditions Bring a poem or two you especially love for our reading circle. We'll go over some basics of poetic form to help with interpretation and deepen your appreciation of this ancient art form.

Swedish Candle Making Demonstration
Learn how to create beautiful and unusual outdoor illumination with logs and a chainsaw in this outdoor demonstration by Reed.

Crafting Brigid's Crosses with Bo
Youth are invited to join in the handicraft of weaving Brigid's Crosses for your home!

11:30 am - 12:30 pm Lunch Break
We will gather for a sandwich bar and a quick bite to eat before the afternoons activities. In lieu of a potluck dish, please bring sandwich fixings (breads, cheeses, condiments, meats, etc.) and snacks to share with the community.
12:30 - 1:30 pm

Healing & Wellness with Brigid Workshop with Selena Fox
Join Circle Sanctuary Senior Minister, Selena Fox, as we connect and work with the Goddess Brigid and some of Her symbols to aid healing for self and others.

Firestarter Creating with Bo
Youth craft fire starters for the community to use in sacred fires throughout the year.

2 - 3:30 pm

Creating a Brigid Mantle with Minerva
Connect with Brigid as crafter as you create your own mantle for Brigid. On Imbolc night, lay out your mantle in your home and let Brigid bless it with her healing powers as she passes by.

Guided Nature Walk
Even in the depths of winter, the hills of Wisconsin are full of life. We’ll look for tracks and signs of the many creatures that make Circle Sanctuary home year round.

Storytelling with Bo
Youth will be mesmerized by stories of Brigid, and learn about the energy of fire

3:30 - 4 pm Snack Time, Socializing, and Ritual Preparations
4 pm Imbolc Community Ritual facilitated by Selena and others
Celebrate the Magic of Imbolc, Brigid, and Community. Bring a white taper candle and candle holder to kindle during the ritual. If you wish, bring a Brigid image, cross, or other symbol to be energized on the Community Brigid Altar.
5 pm Community Cleanup
We invite you to stay for the sacred work of tending to Circle and ensuring that we leave our valued church/center/resource in better shape than when we came. 
6 pm Final Departures


Items to Bring:

  • Community Lunch contribution of bread, salad or dessert for 12 people.  ***PLEASE NOTE***: due to severe allergic reactions, please do not bring peanuts or other nuts!
  • White taper candle and candle holder for ritual
  • Brigid image, cross, or other symbol to energize on the Community Brigid Altar
  • Wax or stubs from used candles (including spell candles) to add to our "Stone Soup" Community Candle workshop (no strongly scented or tallow candles, please)
  • Yule greens to cast into the fire as part of the annual Burning of the Greens
  • Items from you home for your fire starters and to share; old wax, dried herbs or greens, paper to be recycled, dryer lint, cardboard tubes, eggs cartons, crayons, pine cones, easily flammable materials you want in your fire starters (for kids program, but adults are encouraged to bring items to contribute)
  • Jar with lid for collecting water from Brigid's Spring
  • Poetry to share during the Brigid's Voice: Reading Poetry Workshop
  • Drum or rattle, if you have one, to play in rituals
  • Any type of easily portable fiber craft you are working on. If you want to learn, bring yarn and needles. Someone will teach you a stitch or two so you can make something
  • Snowshoes for the nature walk; for yourself or to share with others
  • A personal cup or glass you can drink out of all day to reduce waste

DRESS: Bring clothing and footwear appropriate for the weather as part of the ritual will be outside. Bring snow shoes if you have them for walking on the land if snow depth warrants this and boots for outside Nature walks are highly recommended. A different pair of shoes or slippers to wear inside the Temple Room is also a good idea.  This keeps the Temple Room floor free of wet and mud.

DO NOT BRING: Please do not bring fireworks, firearms, illegal drugs or animal friends/pets.

SHOPPING: The Owl's Nest spiritual gifts shop will be open periodically throughout day for shopping and browsing.



Please contact the Circle Office at