Imbolc 2015

imbolc 2Celebration of the Celtic Fire Festival of Imbolc

Brigid's Day Festival

Saturday, January 31, 2015

9 AM - 7 PM
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve near Barneveld, Wisconsin

Coordinated by Shel

Spark Your Fire!

The hope of spring and new birth is one of the many things that gives us the strength and bravery we need to survive the harshness of winter.  Join the Circle Community in a celebration of connection, creativity, transitions, and warmth.  During this celebration, we will experience that which is comforting during the shorter colder days of our year, and engage in spiritual and practical preparations for the seasons ahead.  We will seek to spark or rekindle within us that which drives and motivates us forward.


Echo Valley Farm
Jan & Ben
of Echo Valley Farm

Laurie Blue Heron
Laurie Blue Heron

Selena Fox
Selena Fox




8:30 am Community Setup
Events are community wide opportunities to serve and connect. Shel invites everyone to come early to help with set up and be a part of the crew who helps set the stage and builds the container that will be our day.
9 am Open for general arrivals
The Owl's Nest will be open for shopping periodically throughout the day.
9:30 am Circle of Welcome and Meet & Greet
9:30 am - 4 pm Fine Fiber Fun!
For those of you who do not already work with fiber and want to learn, bring needles and yarn with. You will have an opportunity to learn how to start working with fiber. For those of you who are already hooked bring your felting, crocheting, spinning, knitting, or anything else you are working on. We will have a daylong free-form circle of fiber creativity happening. You will also have the opportunity to share your knowledge with those new to the tradition of fiber working.
9:30 - 10:30 am Fire Starter Building with Ken and Shel
As we spiritually feed the fire within during the day we will also learn how to package that energy into fire starters that can be used for our ritual and family fires. By using natural materials that can be easily found around your home you will learn a variety of ways to build fire starters that both spiritually and practically keep the fires burning all around the wheel of the year.
9:30 - 10:30 am Youthful Fire Energy youth workshop with Bo, Daisy and Sandy Foo
The children of the community will join together to look at the role of Fire Energy in their lives. In addition they make fire starters for their families and the community. As a group they will work on a large community built fire starter that will bridge the energy of Imbolc with the Summer Solstice. This community built fire starter will be taken to PSG and used in one of the ritual fires.
10:45 - 11:45 am Solar Energy with Jan & Ben of Echo Valley Farms
As the days begin to lengthen and we continue to look within for energy and creativity let us also think of our external connections with energy, specifically solar energy. Jan Kenyon and Ben Russ of Echo Valley will talk with us about the farm's sustainable energy journey and information about how to begin the use of solar. Energy awareness and conservation are the building blocks towards solar energy independence. Let's have a conversation about what is possible.
10:45 - 11:45 am Winter Fairy Magic youth workshop with Bo, Daisy and Sandy Foo
The children will learn the lore and wisdom of the Winter Fae/elementary. Depending on the weather this may include a trip to the Fairy Shrine. Please have children dress accordingly.
12 - 1 pm Lunch Break
We will gather for a sandwich bar and a quick bite to eat before the afternoons activities. In lieu of a potluck dish, please bring sandwich fixings (breads, cheeses, condiments, meats, etc.) and snacks to share with the community.
1 - 2 pm Seed Saving & Tending Around The Wheel with Laurie Blue Heron
Join in on a round table discussion on heirloom seeds, seed saving and tending, and how best to use in the gardening space you have available. Discussions will be open to both the beginning gardener and those who are seasoned. There will also be an opportunity to share any seeds for those who are interested.
1 - 2 pm The Fire in the Head: Art Inspired by Brigid youth workshop with Bo, Daisy and Sandy Foo
We will let the fire of Brigid inspire us to make a token to wear or share. By remembering those who serve Her, we can remind ourselves or our own fires of creation.
2 pm Snowshoeing and/or Nature Walk
Bring your snowshoes, bundle up and see the beautiful land of Circle Sanctuary with its winter cover.
2:30 - 3:30 pm Brigid Fire with Selena Fox
Explore ways to honor and connect with the Goddess Brigid through candle flames, hearth fires, solar rays, and creative inspiration known as Fire in the Head. Bring a candle in a candle holder to kindle during this workshop
4 pm - 5 pm Imbolc Community Ritual facilitated by Sharon and others
5 pm Brigid's Poetry Feast
Join us in Brigit’s Soup Feast where we will connect with Brigit by feeding ourselves and experiencing our community’s creativity.
6 pm Community Cleanup
Shel invites you to stay for the sacred work of tending to Circle and ensuring that we leave our valued church/center/resource in better shape than when we came. For those who were at step up and take down there will be a special treat for you.
7 pm Final Departures


Items to Bring:

  • Items from you home for your fire starters. This could be old wax, dried herbs or greens, paper to be recycled, dryer lint, cardboard tubes and eggs cartons, crayons, pinecones, any other staff easily flammable materials you want in your fire starters.
  • Any type of easily portable fiber craft you are working on. Or want to learn.
  • Bread, deli meats and cheese, chips, and other snacks for the community deli lunch. Not hot dishes please.
  • Any saved seeds from last year that you would like to swap or share with others in the community.
  • Your tips and tricks regards to seed saving, sharing, and gardening for the round table discussion.
  • Snowshoes for the nature walk; for yourself or to share with others
  • Candle in a holder for the Brigid Fire Workshop.
  • Yule greens for the fire starters and the annual burning of the greens.
  • Homemade or savory bread for Brigids Feast.
  • A poem or short reading you created or like to share at the Poetry Feast.