Imbolc 2012

Celebration of the Celtic Fire Festival of Imbolc
Saturday, February 4, 2012
10 AM - 7 PM
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Barneveld, Wisconsin

Celebrate the Goddess Brigid and the Waxing Solar Year!

More about Imbolc:

Celebrating the Seasons: Imbolc

Imbolc Festival Schedule

9:30 am Open for Arrivals
10 am Welcome

Meet & Greet facilitated by Circle Sanctuary staff & the Northern Illinois University Pagan Student Association student members in the Temple Room

10:30 am Imbolc Creativity
  • Imbolc Candle Making with Jen Snow & Billy Crow in the Summer Kitchen

    The Greek counterpart of Brigid is Hestia, Goddess of the Hearth and Home. In this Hestia & Her Prophecy Candles Workshop, learn how these Goddesses are similar and different, and then make Prophecy Candles for use in personal divination practice.

  • Brigid Lantern & Brigid Cross Making with Blodie, Meghan & Katrina in the Temple Room

    Honor and celebrate Brigid the Light Bringer! Create a charming and rustic lantern from oak, grapevine and a small jar and/or make a Brigid's Cross. Bring your creativity and your tenacity as you create art as beautiful and unique as you are. Please bring a small jelly jar if you would like to make a lantern. Most supplies will be provided.

  • Nature Walk to Brigid's Spring with Reed - meet at Barn steps

    Experience the Winter beauty of Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve & the Sacred Spring dedicated to Brigid and healing. If you wish, bring a small jar with lid for collecting water for personal ritual work.

Noon Midday Snacks
12:30 pm Imbolc Fire: Burning of the Yule Greens in Bonfire Circle with Reed & Ana

Say farewell to the depths of Winter and joyfully celebrate the turning of the year toward Spring. Bring your dried Yule wreaths, garlands, sprigs, other greenery for the sacred fire.

1 pm
  • Brigid in Ireland, Past & Present by Michael McDermott of Brigit's Rest and the Black Earth Institute.

    Michael gives a first hand report about his recent journey to Brigid's sacred site at Kildare, Ireland and his experiences of Felle Bride 2012, the celebration of Brigid and Her ancient wisdom for new times sponsored by Solas Bride Centre & Heritages. Learn about the convergence of ancient Pagan & Christian Brigid traditions.

  • Imbolc Children's Program with Brooke & Ken

    In this afternoon Shell Garden Beginnings activity for kids, join in the planting seeds in egg shells for the beginnings of an herb garden. As the plants grow they can be transplanted shell and all. There also will be a short storytelling about the meaning of Imbolc is now and in times past.

2:30 pm Rites of Brigid, Goddess of Power & Light by Selena Fox

Explore ways of attuning & working with the Goddess Brigid for healing, inspiration, wisdom & renewal as part of personal spiritual practice at Imbolc time and year-round. Selena will describe her approaches to Brigid shrine keeping, hearth tending, & home blessing. She also will guide several short Brigid symbol & sound meditations.

3:30 Break
4:00 Imbolc Ritualin the Temple Room

Celebrate Brigid, the Waxing Light of the Sun, and New Beginnings in this Community Imbolc Ritual facilitated by members of Northern Illinois University Pagan Student Association, a campus group sponsored by Circle Sanctuary. The ritual will include candlelighting, Brigid music by Ruth Barrett, and Brigid invocations by Selena Fox and others.

5:30 Brigid's Candlelight Imbolc Feast
7 pm Farewells


  • Wear something white or gold to the Brigid ritual.
  • White taper candle and a candle holder that can catch wax drippings for Brigid ritual.
  • Brigid images & symbols (optional) to be energized on the altar for later use at your home.
  • White taper candle and a candle holder that can catch wax drippings for Brigid ritual
  • Yule wreaths, sprigs, boughs for the Burning of the Yuletide greens at midday (optional).
  • Jar with lid for collecting water during the Nature walk to Brigid's Spring (optional)
  • Empty jelly jar for Brigid lantern crafting (optional)
  • Drum or rattle, if you have one, to play in rituals (optional)
  • Brigid images & symbols (optional) to be energized on the altar for later use at your home.
  • Bread and snacks (crackers, cheese, veggies, dip, fruit) for midday snack (appreciated but optional).
  • A contribution for potluck feast to feed two dozen people. Your dish should be already prepared, pre-sliced and ready to eat, since there will be no kitchen space available to do this. If your dish needs to be heated, please bring it in a crock pot. For details, please see our Potluck Guidelines.