Imbolc 2007

Celebrate Brigid's Day
Saturday February 3rd, 2007
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
(Pre-registration required)

It is Midwinter, when the chill winds blow around us and bare branches reach toward the clear bright sky. Yet, the promise of Spring draws near as the days lengthen, animals awaken, and hope fills us. Imbolc is a time of illumination, reflection, and purification. We honor the Goddess Brigid now, looking into Her Well for guidance, clarity, and portents of peace in the days to come. Join us as we celebrate this ancient festival, connecting with the Goddess and each other.

10 AM Open for arrivals
11 AM Circle of Welcome: Greet, attune for the day, and process to the Bonfire Circle for the Burning of the Greens.
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Lunch: sandwich and snack bar available
  • Bring luncheon meat, cheese, veggies, hummus, crackers or other snacks to contribute, if you wish
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM Brigid's Day Activities:
  • Add a prayer ribbon to Brigid's Healing Hoop in the Temple Room to bring healthy blessings to yourself and loved ones
  • Make Brigid's Crosses with natural materials, guided by Georgette. The Brigid's cross is an ancient Solar symbol which will be energized in the Ritual, and you will keep to bring Brigid's divine energies to your home.
1 - 2:30 PM Faces of Brigid:
  • Brigid as Peacemaker:
    Perspectives by Michael McDermott of Brigit's Rest and co-founder of the Black Earth Institute, a center for spirituality, the arts, and society.
  • Brigid as Healer:
    Connecting with Brigid's healing traditions of sacred waters and holy flames through meditation and ritual by Selena Fox.
  • Brigid Sharing Circle:
    Participants are invited to comment on presentations and share personal ways of working with Brigid.
3 PM Imbolc Ritual with Selena Fox, Aspen and Georgette: We gather in circle to honor Brigid and Her holy day with blessings, invocations, chanting, candle kindling, and gazing into Her Well toward visions of ourselves.
Following Ritual Screening and Update on Pentacle Quest: A special Preview Screening of "A Hero Denied": the documentary currently in production about the Quest for the Pentacle for Sgt. Patrick Stewart.
6 - 7:30 PM Candlelight Feast of Brigid
  • Share food, beverages & good cheer in this Community potluck feast
7:30 PM Clean-up & Departures