Imbolc 2006

Celebrating the Celtic Festival of Imbolc
Saturday February 4th, 2006
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
(Pre-registration required)

In the middle of Winter each year, the Circle Sanctuary Community celebrates the ancient Celtic fire festival of Imbolc, which is sacred to the Goddess Brigid. It is a time of spiritual purification, reflection, and illumination. We honor Brigid, connect with Her symbols, and learn about Her. We kindle candles and make merry with feasting.

10:00am Open for arrivals
10:30am Handfasting of Winter & Jamie: Connect with the power of Brigid as Bride in this Pagan wedding rite.
11:30am-1:00pm Brigid's Day Activities:
  • Join Circle's Naturalist Reed Cockrell for a "Winter's Nature Walk"! Connect with Brigid as Goddess of Nature. Reed will be exploring the habits of both flora and fauna at the Preserve as it relates to this time of year. He also will be looking at differences in Nature now versus in high summer.
  • Learn to make Brigid's Crosses with Rev. Windwalker! Whether you are a novice or accomplished weaver, this ancient tradition to Brigid is sure to please.
  • Add a prayer ribbon to Brigid's Healing Hoop in the Temple Room.
1:30-2:30 Brigid, Imbolc, & the Psycho-Spiritual Wheel of the Year by M. J. Drake Spaeth, PsyD. The calendrical journey represented by the Pagan Wheel of the Year may be regarded also as a psycho-spiritual map of the evolution of the psyche or spiritual development in one's life. At the point of Imbolc, the figure of the Goddess Brigid is a powerful symbol of the kindling of new vitality, or germination of the seeds of new growth/transformation. Connections between Eastern concepts of the kundalini serpent fire and Brigid 's own more Western association with snakes and fire cast a bright >light of enhanced understanding of the significance of this archetypal process, symbolically portrayed at this part of the year. This workshop examines sources from Eastern and Celtic spirituality, as well as Jungian psychology , in a discussion of Imbolc as a pivotal point in psychospiritual development. Drake is a Circle minister, psychologist, & psychology instructor.
3:00-4:30pm Imbolc Ritual with Selena Fox: Honoring of Brigid and Her holiday of Imbolc with invocations, chanting, drumming, candlelighting, and meditation.
5:00-5:30pm Candlelight Procession to Brigid's Spring: take part in what is sure to be a magical experience to lay the healing hoops at the spring and to ask Her blessings for the future! Be sure to bring a candle (preferably white) in a windproof container.
6:00-7:30pm Brigid's Potluck Feast & Celebration
7:30pm Clean-up & Departures