Celebrating the Seasons

Green Spirit 2020

DSC 0213Thriving With Abundance at Home
August 1, 2020

held ONLINE via Teams Live Event

Coordinated by Revs. Georgette & Bob Paxton

While we as humans are embraced in the refuge of home during this exceptional year, the natural world around us flourishes and thrives, bursting with green vibrance and the fruits of abundance. Join us online for a day to celebrate the fullness of the season, look beyond the mundane to find joy surrounding us in the place we are, and gather in the rich harvest of blessings in our homes and beyond. 



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Saturday, August 1st

All times in CENTRAL (UTC -5)

10 AM

Opening Blessings with Revs. Bob & Georgette Paxton
Reverends Bob & Georgette extend a warm welcome to enjoy the Lammas energy of the day with seasonal tidings and a Green Spirit blessing.

10:15 AM

Family Programming: "Magic Salt Art and Sigil Magic" with Rev. Florence Edwards-Miller
With just a few simple ingredients, folks of any age can create amazing works of art, but with a little knowledge of symbols we can make that art into magic! Together we’ll learn about the magic of symbols and how we can use them to artfully create long-lasting spells. Note: participants can start the first part of the project live, but it needs time to dry before the second step. Ingredients needed: stiff paper (like card stock or an old file folder), school glue, table salt, watercolor paints and a paint brush. This session is intended for kids & youth, but the techniques can be fun and meaningful for all ages.

11 AM

Rejoice in Movement & Bodily Health: Harvesting Vitality in Our Physical Selves with Grace
Join Grace in testing your physical and mental mettle! We can't be together for the games this year, but we can compete against ourselves in feats of physical effort and mental fortitude! The vitality of high summer cannot be overlooked, and we can draw on this as we focus on the strength and heat that exists within our bodies and our minds. Most of the time it is mind over matter; just deciding you can do something is 90% of the effort. So let's work our bodies and our minds as we use physical effort to focus mental effort and show ourselves that we, indeed, can.

12 PM

Guided Kitchen-Witchery: Lammas Recipes with Rev. Georgette Paxton
Georgette leads a cooking-show style presentation where viewers will learn about dishes that take advantage of the grains and fresh produce that flourish at Lammas time, with a focus on two styles of Lammas bread and a simple summer salad. Follow along as we put together these seasonal treats in the kitchen.

1 PM

Workshop: Celebrating Lughnasadh & Lammas with Rev. Selena Fox
Explore old and new ways of celebrating Summertime abundance with chants, harvest rites, fire magic & more for creating personal and household celebrations.

2:30 PM

Virtual Nature Walk on Circle Land with Rev. Bob Paxton
Remotely immerse yourself in the lush green beauty of Circle land with Rev. Bob as he takes you on a summer walking journey, and learn about our native flora and the history of Circle as a land project.

3:30 PM

Lughnasadh Ritual: Thriving Abundantly with Rev. Georgette Paxton
On our beloved sacred land, we come together in spirit to reap in a bright summer harvest of the rich blessings to be found in the Earth, at our home, and the care of our community across the miles.


Some portions of this event will be live and some will be pre-recorded. This will be held via Teams Live Event, and a URL will be emailed to you the day before we start. No software or login is required, just a current web browser on a PC, Mac, Android, iPhone or Chromebook. Attendees must pre-register to receive the link to participate.



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