Green Spirit 2016

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July 29 - 31, 2016
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Barneveld, Wisconsin
Coordinated by Bo & Jenn

What do Author River Higginbotham, Tailteann Games, Great Bonfires, Drumming, Rituals and Connecting with Friends all have common? All those things and so much more will be part of this year's Green Spirit at Circle Sanctuary. We hope you will join us for the festivities this July 29th through 31st!


Featuring Guest Presenters River & Joyce Higginbotham!

River Higginbotham
River Higginbotham

Joyce Higginbotham
Joyce Higginbotham

Laurie Blue Heron
Laurie Blue Heron

Rev. Tiffany Andes
Rev. Tiffany Andes

Rev. Bo Nelson
Rev. Bo Nelson

Calypso Rising
Calypso Rising

Rev. Selena Fox
Rev. Selena Fox

Al Smith
Al Smith



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Celebrating the Seasons: Lughnassadh



Friday, July 29th

10 am Merchant Arrivals begin
11 am Open for General Arrivals
Noon Lammas Faire - visit booths with a variety of wares.
1 pm Honoring Green Spirits & Fairy Folk with Selena Fox & others
Gather at the Fairy Shrine to attune to the land & its Spirits of Nature. Bring small quartz crystals, fresh or dried herbs, and/or other offerings to leave, if you wish. Open to all ages.
2 pm The Sacred Rite of Welcome: Gracing with River & Joyce
How would you listen if your time and attention were unlimited? How would you enter into your community if you approached it as a ritual of connection every time you encountered someone? Gracing is a name for this concept and practice. It can form a foundation for healthy vital welcoming communities. We explore these principles and begin to learn the art of Gracing. Welcome in!
2 pm Family Programming with Calypso and Rev. Bo
Descent of the Sun God: We will explore the folklore and meaning of Lammas as the summer comes to an end. We will also learn songs of the season and prepare an offering to Fire.
5 pm Dinner behind the farmhouse
7 pm Festival Opening Ritual with Rev. Tiffany Andes and others
8 pm Fancy Garden Party on the Green
The only thing that makes a fancy party more fun is when you participate in said party while sporting your best fancy clothes. Please feel free to dress up (or not) and join us on the green to make merry and dance the night away.

Saturday, July 30th

7 - 8:30 am Breakfast in the Summer Kitchen
8 am Gregorian Chant with Joyce
9 am Mugwort Harvest with Selena Fox & Ashleigh Smiley
Join in the annual community harvest of Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) a sacred herb used in rites, divination, dream pillows, spirit bags & celebrations. Bring hand clippers if you can. Open to all ages.
10 am Activating Community Arts: Feasting Together with River and Joyce
Have you ever considered how community is like preparing and enjoying a banquet? Every participant gets served and also serves others. Everyone is involved and gets fed. Everyone who participates is also a leader. Join in this discussion of some practical ways to look at the art of creating community together, creating leaderful groups, and embracing your inner leader.
10 am Family Programming with Calypso and Rev. Bo
Magick Hands: Raising and directing energy can be as discreet as tapping your fingers! In this workshop, we will learn how to activate the power in our hands and practice using them to move and feel energy for healing and spell work.
11:30 am Baby Blessing of Galen, son of McKenzie
Community blessing & welcome of baby Galen. Open to all ages.
Noon Lunch behind the Farmhouse
1:30 pm Lughnasadh Rites, Symbols & Traditions with Selena Fox
Explore old & new ways of celebrating the height of Summertime, the beginning of Harvest, & the Celtic Fire Festival of Lughnasadh, also known as Lammas.
1:30 pm Family Programming with Calypso and Rev. Bo
Abundance Spell Jars: A tried and true spell working. They have been used by Witches as back as far we can see. Keeping with the season, we will be crafting our jars with gratitude to attract to us abundance of what is needed in life.
3 pm Tailteann Games
Celebrate Lughnassadh with the tradition of the Tailteann Games. Our community Piper, Al Smith will kick off the games!
4:30 pm Drumming Workshop with Laurie Blue Heron
Are you new to drumming, wish to improve, or are looking for any excuse to create rhythm with other happy souls? Let's get together! Laurie Blue Heron will teach basic djembe technique, give you a few juicy phrases you can use to spice things up at any drum circle, and if we have time, we will make music together. Bring whatever you have, and let's have fun! Some instruments will be provided.
5:30 pm Dinner behind the Farmhouse
6:30 pm Raffle / Silent Auction Drawing
7:30 pm Community Lughnassadh Ritual with Fearn and Others
8:30 pm Lammas Drum Circle with Laurie Blue Heron
Be sure to bring your drums, rattles and musical inspiration to the ritual, and stick around afterward while we create some primal beats for the Sacred Fire and each other. Drummers' benches will be available, as will some instruments for community use. Calling all you singers, drummers, dancers, fire spinners – can we make the magic continue for a while? Let's see where Spirit leads us!
8 pm - Midnight Spiral Labyrinth facilitated by Kristol O'Connor

Sunday, July 31st

7 - 8:30 am Breakfast in the Summer Kitchen
10 am Exploring Values in Community with River and Joyce
What values form the basis of your family or your community? Do you think about it? Have you ever written down your values? This session will take us on a journey through several contrasting realms of values and world views. We will explore how these views differ and how they impact life and community. We will offer ideas on how to help your groups and communities discover their values.
10 am Childrens' Service Project with Calypso. Meet at the Maypole.
11:30 am Lunch behind the farmhouse
1 pm Closing Ritual with Rev. Tiffany Andes and Others
2 pm Final Departures


Items to Bring

  • Please help us conserve paper: bring your own cup to use for drinks at meals and other times.
  • Camping Gear: tent, sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress, flashlight, water jug, towel, biodegradable soap and shampoo, personal toiletries, sungear, raingear, cold weather gear, insect and tick repellent.
  • Items to donate to the raffle and silent auction
  • A lawn chair, mat, or blanket for outdoor seating. Many activities will be outside.
  • Herbs or grains as an offering for main ritual
  • Green Crown, Foliate Mask, and/or other ritual garb (optional)
  • Clippers for Mugwort Harvest (optional)
  • Drum, rattle, or other rhythm instrument. (optional)
  • Chants, songs, or rhythms for late night drumming/dancing (optional)
  • A stone to give away to the Stone Circle (optional)



If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office at