Green Spirit 2015

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July 31 - August 2, 2015
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Barneveld, Wisconsin
Coordinated by Blodie

This festival is also known as Lammas or Lughnassadh, this is the ancient Celtic fire festival marking the height of Summer and the first reaping of the harvest. Come and celebrate with us!!


Featuring Guest Author Tess Whitehurst!

Tess Whitehurst
Tess Whitehurst

Selena Fox
Selena Fox

Dan & Sharon Stewart
Dan & Sharon Stewart

Bo Nelson
Bo Nelson

Judith Seizys
Judith Seizys

Al Smith
Al Smith


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Celebrating the Seasons: Lughnassadh


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Friday, July 31st

10 am Merchant Arrivals begin
11 am Open for General Arrivals
Noon Lammas Faire - visit booths with a variety of wares.
Noon - 5 pm Circle Sanctuary Flea Market
Noon - 3 pm Owl's Nest Open for Shopping
1 pm Honoring Green Spirits & Fairy Folk with Selena Fox
Gather at the Fairy Shrine to attune to and honor Nature Spirits of Circle Sanctuary land. Bring fresh or dried herbs, small quartz crystals, or other offerings to leave, if you wish. Open to all ages.
2 pm Community Spirit Pole workshop, Part 1 -- Preparing and Cleansing
This will include clearing away brush and preparing the hole for our Community Spirit Pole. We will also be creating a stone circle around the hole to create an offering space and perform a blessing.
3 - 4 pm Sacred Mugwort Harvest with Florence & Bo
Adults and children will learn about the ritual uses of Mugwort and join in the harvest. As part of the youth programming, the children will join the adults after a short orientation. Parents/guardians will need to assist their child(ren) with the harvesting.
4 pm Festival Welcome and Opening Ritual with Selena, Blodie & Piper Al Smith
Attune to the height of Summer & the Celtic Fire Festival of Lughnassad & join in a festival blessing of Circle Sanctuary land.
5 pm Dinner behind the farmhouse
7 pm Re-Doing Our I Do with Sharon and Dan Stewart
At Green Spirit 2000, Sharon (MoonFeather) and Dan (WillowHawk) were handfasted at Stone Circle. Dan has said he’d "do it all over again in a heartbeat" and Sharon took him up on it! They would like to share with the community what a precious gift marriage is and affirm the deeper love they have found with each other the past 15 years by Re-doing their I Dos. Please meet by the barn and join in the procession to Stone Circle.
8 pm Abundance Celebration! Community Reception for Sharon and Dan
Sharon & Dan invite the entire community to come to their anniversary celebration of abundance. Abundance of love; for each other, for tribe, for community, for family, for ourselves! Abundance of our harvests as we celebrate the Lammas season. Please come join in dance and song! Let’s celebrate the abundance in our lives! Professional karaoke DJ! Snacks and drinks provided!

Saturday, August 1st

7 am Self-guided Yoga & Meditation facilitated by Judith
8 am Breakfast in the Summer Kitchen
9 am
  • Book & CD Signings with Tess Whitehurst
  • Welcome to Circle Sanctuary with Florence
    Brief orientation to Circle Sanctuary Community & Land for newcomers.
  • Circle Sanctuary Flea Market(closed for lunch)
  • Owl's Nest Open for Shopping
  • Lammas Faire on the Green (closed for lunch)
9:30 am Youth Program Lughnassadh Spirit Bags with Bo Nelson
Crafting spirit bags for the main ritual to be put in the ritual fire. Spirit Bags will be made of local grains and will be blessed with prayers of a bountiful harvest and gratitude for our Sacred Land.
9:30 am Baby Blessing of Arthur, son of Pete and Tegan with Selena Fox
Community blessing & welcome of infant Arthur. Open to all ages.
10 am Community Spirit Pole workshop, Part 2 -- Creating and Blessing
During this workshop, we will be blessing the Spirit Pole with ribbons, eco-friendly paints, and carvings. All community members are encouraged to participate and give energy to this new sacred monument for our land.
10:30 am Youth Program – Community Spirit Pole with Bo Nelson
Our young community members will join in on the Community Spirit Pole crafting. They will be adding their blessings with ribbons and eco-friendly paints.
11 am Holistic Energy Magic: No Tools or Ingredients Necessary with Tess Whitehurst
This experiential workshop will steep you in the fundamentals of energy magic. Beginning to advanced practitioners will find value in exploring the solid foundations of personal power: intention, visualization, symbolic action, grateful expectation, and alignment with All That Is.
12:30 pm Lunch behind the Farmhouse
2 pm Ordination Ceremony with Selena Fox and Circle Ministers
All are welcome to attend this ordination rite. Several Circle Sanctuary ministers will be ordaining Bo “Hawthorn” Nelson and Tim “Cern” Staker as Circle Sanctuary ministers.
3 pm Tailteann Games / Youth Tailteann Games
Celebrate Lughnassadh with the tradition of the Tailteann Games. Our community Piper, Al Smith will kick off the games!
5:30 pm Dinner behind the Farmhouse
7 pm Community Lughnassadh Ritual with Selena Fox and Bo Nelson
Blessing and energizing the Community Spirit Pole. A ritual to celebrate abundance, community and honor our Sacred Land that we all love. There will be a procession during the ritual to place the Community Spirit Pole at the entrance of our Sacred Fire Circle and Sweat Lodge space and we will end our rite around the ritual fire.
8 pm Community Chanting and Drum Circle
Our wonderful and talented community drummers and chanters invite you to dance, sing and continue to raise energy after the Main Ritual. Please lend your voices and your rhythms as we celebrate and honor each other.
10 pm Spiral Labyrinth: Vision Quest
Immediately following the Drum Circle, take the energy and magic that was raised from the Main Ritual and the Drum Circle into the Labyrinth with you. A message from Sacred Places around the world awaits you in the center. Walk, commune, and meditate with the land and your community.

Sunday, August 2nd

8 am Self-guided Yoga & Meditation, facilitated by Judith
9 am
  • Lammas Faire on the Green
  • Owl's Nest Open for Shopping
  • Circle Sanctuary Flea Market
  • Community Spirit Pole workshop Part 3 -- Caring for the Community Spirit Pole
    We will check on the sacred space we created over the weekend; making sure the pole is secure and the altar and offering space is clean and ready for blessings and prayers in the future.
  • Nature Walk with Florence.
    Take a gentle walk around the land with a knowledgeable conservationist and birding devotee. Meet at Bonfire Circle.
10 am Brunch (breakfast and lunch fare)
11 am
  • Roots Deep / Branches Wide: The Lore & Wisdom of Trees with Tess Whitehurst
    We will reawaken ancient tree legends and lore while building new pathways to tree spirits through meditation, visualization, communication, and magic.
  • Youth Program - Community Service
    You are never too young to learn to contribute to your community and help wherever is needed. Our young community members will help with trash and recycling by gathering up bags and putting them in the Trash Hut. A hand cart will be used to transport to the Trash Hut and gloves will be provided.
1 pm Planetary Healing Blessing & Festival Closing Rite with Selena and Blodie
Our closing ritual will include festival reflections & thanksgivings, plus a Lughnassad Blessing for Well-Being of Planet Earth working with healing prayer ribbons that will also be used in a planetary healing rite that Selena is facilitating at the Parliament of the World's Religions in October in Salt Lake City, Utah. All ages welcome.
3 pm Final Departures


Items to Bring

  • Please help us conserve paper: bring your own cup to use for drinks at meals and other times.
  • Bread or dessert for 2 dozen people to share, to accompany this menu: Green Spirit Menu
  • Flea Market Donations: No more than 3 magical items and/or clothing, in good repair to donate to the Flea Market (optional & if items are not sold, they will be donated to a local charity retail store)
  • Camping Gear: tent, sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress, flashlight, water jug, towel, biodegradable soap and shampoo, personal toiletries, sungear, raingear, cold weather gear, insect and tick repellent.
  • A lawn chair, mat, or blanket for outdoor seating. Many activities will be outside.
  • Herbs or grains as an offering for main ritual
  • Green Crown, Foliate Mask, and/or other ritual garb (optional)
  • Clippers for Mugwort Harvest (optional)
  • Drum, rattle, or other rhythm instrument. (optional)
  • Chants, songs, or rhythms for late night drumming/dancing (optional)
  • A stone to give away to the Stone Circle. (optional)