Green Spirit 2011

July 29 - 31, 2011
a Celtic Lughnassadh Celebration
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Barneveld, Wisconsin

Also known as Lammas or Lughnassadh, this is the ancient Celtic fire festival marking the height of Summer and the first reaping of the harvest.


  • Performance& workshop by Shibaten
  • Workshops by Mari Powers, Selena Fox and Dr. Dennis!
  • Nature Walks by naturalist Reed Cockrell!
  • Community Ritual by the Ghetto Shamans!
  • The return of the Tailteann Games!
  • Childrens' Programming
  • Spiral Labyrinth
  • Feasting
  • and MORE!


Presenters include...


Selena Fox

Dr. Dennis

Mari Powers

FRIDAY, July 29th

Noon Open for arrivals
Noon - 8 pm Raffle & Silent Auction Donations accepted
1 pm Stone Circle Blessing with Selena Fox

Add a rock, crystal, or other stone to the Stone Circle and join in prayers for world peace and planetary well-being in this short rite.

2 pm Mugwort Harvest with Bob Paxton
4 pm Tree of Life Workshop with Mari Powers

This guided meditation journey will take participants to the traditional shamanic lower, middle and upper worlds, via the Tree of Life model. While there you may connect or reconnect with Ancestors, power animal and plant allies, and with Deity, guides or Fae. Each participant will receive personal messages and insight intended to heal, empower or help them to feel a deep connection with the places they go, and beings they may encounter. If you prefer to lie down when traveling, you may want to bring a yoga mat or padding.

Please bring a notebook for writing down impressions and experiences while they are still fresh in your mind.

4 pm Nature Walk with Reed Cockrell

Join Reed on a walk to the Restored Prairie, Brigid's Spring, the Fire Circle and other sacred places on the Land. Meet at Bonfire Circle.

4 pm Childrens' Craft Workshop with Meridian and Hawthorn

Make your own magic wand. Take the kids for a short walk to forage for sticks. Once we find the right sticks bring them back to the children's area where they will be provided with beads, paints, feathers and other things to create their own wand.

5:30 pm Dinner behind the farmhouse
7 pm Festival Welcome Ritual with Selena Fox & others

Attune to the Land, Honor Ancestors, Bless the Festival, and Attune with the Spirit of Lughnassad through sacred sounds, meditation, and fire kindling. If you wish, wear a Green Crown, Green Ones Mask, and/or dress in ritual garb.

8:30 pm In Concert: Shibaten
10 pm Bonfire Magic

SATURDAY, July 30th

8 am Open for Arrivals
8 am - 7 pm Merchant Faire on the Green
8 - 9:00 am Breakfast
9 am - 4 pm Raffle & Silent Auction Donations accepted
9 am Green Consciousness: Exploring Ecopsychology with Dr. Dennis

This workshop will explore the impact that Nature experiences can have on attention, cognition, well-being, and spirituality. It will also introduce you to how the emerging field of ecopsychology applies psychological concepts to ecological issues.

9 am Childrens' Craft Project with Meridian and Hawthorn

Make Fey costume items for the evening's Main Ritual!

10:30 am Tailteann Games with Bob & Georgette (Teens and Adults)

Try your hand at feats of strength, agility and cunning! Run around and get sweaty! Win fabulous prizes!

12:00 pm Potluck Lunch
1:00 pm Jill & Shawn Fisher Vow Renewal Ceremony with Selena Fox & others

Join in this vow renewal ceremony celebrating the 6th Anniversary of Jill & Shawn. All welcome

2:00 pm Lughnassad Prosperity Magic with Selena Fox

Learn old and new approaches of working with herbs, symbols, and words for enhancing personal and household prosperity as part of this sacred time of year.

2:00 pm Tiny Tailteann Games with Meridian and Hawthorn

Childrens' Version of the Tailteann Games!

3:30 pm Body & Mind Yoga Workshop with Shibaten
5:00 pm Raffle Drawing and Silent Auction with Mari Powers
6:00 pm Dinner behind the Farmhouse
8:00 pm Green Spirit Main Ritual with the Ghetto Shamans
10:00 pm Self-guided Spiral Labyrinth with Georgette Paxton

SUNDAY, July 31st

8 am Open for Arrivals
8 - 9:00 am Breakfast
9 am Morning Nature Walk with Reed

Join Reed on a walk to the Restored Prairie, Brigid's Spring, the Fire Circle and other sacred places on the Land. Meet at Bonfire Circle.

10 am Baby Blessing of Aurora, daughter of Belinda with Selena Fox

Celebrate the first year of life of Aurora in this short baby blessing ritual facilitated by Selena Fox. All welcome

10:30 AM Astral Travel Workshop with Mari Powers

This class is an introduction to the basics of astral travel. It covers various techniques, ethics, and information about the knowledge we already carry within us.

Handouts are provided and taking notes is encouraged.

Noon Farewell Circle with Bob & Georgette
12:30 pm Lunch
2 pm Cleanup and Departures

Items to Bring

  • Green Crown, Foliate Mask, and/or other ritual garb (optional)
  • Gifts for Passage rites (optional)
  • Clippers for Mugwort Harvest (optional)
  • Contribution for potluck feast to feed at least two dozen, for Saturday lunch. For details, please see our Potluck Guidelines.
  • Your own cup to use for drinks at meals and other times.
  • Camping Gear: tent, sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress, flashlight, water jug, towel, biodegradable soap and shampoo, personal toiletries, sungear, raingear, cold weather gear, insect and tick repellent.
  • A lawn chair, mat, or blanket for outdoor seating. Many activities will be outside.
  • An item for the Raffle and/or Silent Auction (optional)
  • Drum, rattle, or other rhythm instrument. (optional)
  • Chants, songs, or rhythms for late night drumming/dancing (optional)
  • A stone to give away to the Stone Circle. (optional)