Full Moon Circle

Full Moon Circles


Celebrate the Full Moon each month with the Full Moon Circle at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve near Barneveld, Wisconsin.

The Full Moon Circle is part of the Circle Sanctuary Community.

Full Moon Circle evenings are held on or near the evening of the Full Moon, and typically are held 7-9 PM. Each evening includes ritual, meditation, discussion, and socializing. Depending on focus and weather, some or all of the evening may be held outdoors. Full Moon Circle evenings are facilitated by Selena Fox and/or other members of the Full Moon Circle.

Circle Sanctuary land is open for arrivals at 6 PM and the Resource Shop, Circle Sanctuary's spiritual gift shop, is open from 6-7 PM and 9-9:30 PM on Full Moon evenings.

The Full Moon Circle is open to adult women and men. Each person attending should bring a votive candle in a votive glass to light during the ceremony.

Please RSVP in advance in order to get more details.  Use the form below, call 608-924-2216, or email circle@circlesanctuary.org.

Donations are welcome, but not required.

Full Moon Circle Evenings in 2019

  • Wednesday, March 20: Ostara with Selena Fox
    Welcome in Spring and new life.
  • Friday, April 19: Green Man with Selena Fox
    Commune with the renewing powers of Green Man lore and imagery.
  • Saturday, May 18: Flower Lore with Selena Fox
    Celebrate Spring blossoming with Flower magic and myth.
  • Monday, June 17: MidSummer with Richard Whitnable
    Exploring personal relationships with love and emotions.
  • Monday, July 15: Moon Magic with Selena Fox
    Working with Moon cycles, images, divinities, herbs, and stones for healing, wisdom, and well-being, plus a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 Lunar Landing & humankind walking on the Moon.
  • Wednesday, August 14: Pendulums with Nikki Grattan
    Exploring work with Pendulums as divination tools.
  • Friday, September 13: Good Luck with Selena Fox
    Charms, Chants, Rites, Lore, & more associated with Good Fortune. Bring a personal good luck symbol to energize.
  • Friday, October 11: Witch Broom Magic with Selena Fox
    Exploring Witch lore and magickal uses of Brooms. If possible, bring a broom to use and bless.
  • Tuesday, November 12: Dream Craft with Selena Fox
    Sacred work with dream imagery and interpretation. Bring one or more written accounts of dreams, plus a journal for dream craft explorations.
  • Wednesday, December 11: Yuletide Lights with Selena Fox
    Celebrating the Yuletide Full Moon with candlelight and sacred Fire imagery. Bring a candleholder and red or green taper candle to kindle.

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Please note: these are held on Circle Sanctuary land in southwestern Wisconsin.  So we can staff these properly, please register only if you will be attending in-person.