Circle Festival Frequently Asked Questions

What are the lodging arrangements?

We do not have indoor lodging space available. Tent, Pop Up, or RV camping onsite is included in the 2-day or 3-day registration fee. There are no electrical or septic hookups available. Please bring all your own camping gear: tent, sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress, flashlight, water jug, towel, biodegradable soap and shampoo, personal toiletries, sungear, raingear, cold weather gear, insect and tick repellent.

Do 1-day registrations include overnight camping?

No, the 1-day registration fee does not include camping. If you are planning to attend Friday or Saturday, and would like to stay over, please register for the 2-day rate. If you would like to stay over both Friday & Saturday nights please register for the 3-day rate.

Can I stay offsite?

Yes, if you would rather not tent camp you can commute each day -- except for Sacred Fire Circles, where the deliberately-altered sleep schedule does not permit for safe travel. CLICK HERE for a list of some of the local lodging places near Circle Sanctuary.

How is my registration fee used?

Event registration fees cover the cost of producing the event, and also raise funds for our non-profit organization. Our operating costs are a year-round obligation, and allow us to serve the Pagan and Earth-centered spiritual communities with a wide range of programming. For more information and our annual report, please click here.

What are the bathroom facilities?

Porta-toilets are located at the Barn, near the lower parking lot and near Festival Circle. There is a wash station located at the Barn. 

Do cell phones work?

No, most cell phones will not receive enough signal to make or receive calls. Please leave the Sanctuary (608) 924-2216 number as an emergency contact. (608) 924-2216. The phone will usually be answered during daytime hours and messages will be checked multiple times per day.

Can I take photos?

You are free to take photographs of scenery for your own private use. If you wish to photograph people, you need to get their permission first. Advance staff permission is required for any photos intended for publication or other public distribution, for all videotaping, filming, audio taping, any other recording, and for any type of reporting activity, informal or formal.

Are children/youth welcome?

Minors are allowed at our three day events, and generally we have youth programs happening throughout the weekend. Parents/legal guardians must assume responsibility for the minor's welfare throughout the visit, which means keeping them in visual view and supervising them at all times. Adults with children are encouraged to organize childcare among themselves at events where children are permitted. Minors attending without their legal parent/guardian must have a signed events permission slip (available from the Circle office) from their parents indicating their permission to attend and designating an adult as their guardian during the event.

Owing to the intense nature of the work, Sacred Fire Circles only permit adults and MATURE teens.

What is prohibited on Circle land?

  • Pets or animal companions of any sort, except for service animals.
  • Firearms, even if kept within your vehicle.
  • Illegal drugs, or any controlled substance without a prescription.

For any other questions, please email us or call at (608) 924-2216.