Earth Day Celebration 2016

earthSaturday, April 16, 2016 from 9:30 AM - 5:30 PM
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve 

near Barneveld, Wisconsin

Coordinated by Judith

Learn, share, discover and connect with the spirit of the Earth at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve's 2016 Earth Day Festival! It's a day of learning, celebration and hands-on fun as we celebrate the planet we live on. Come and play with us at the preserve as we learn about the water that runs through it, the birds that fly above it, and other things the land has to teach us.  Best of all, it's FREE! 


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Featured Presenters

 selena fox
Selena Fox

 Ryan Lee
Ryan Lee

 Chris McBrien
Chris McBrien

 Mandie Zopp
Mandie Zopp



9:00 am Open for Arrivals
9:30 am Welcome Circle with Selena & Judith
In the Temple Room.
9:45 am

Prairies: Continuing the Legacy of a Wisconsin Ecosystem with Mandie Zopp in the Temple Room
Mandie will discuss the history of Wisconsin prairies, the art of creating and restoring them, as well as the future management of these beautiful landscapes in Wisconsin's changing climate. This presentation is broken up into two sections, 1) prairie history and management and 2) climate change in Wisconsin and the future of prairie management.

Family Activities in the Farmhouse with Paul and Vanessa
Details TBA

10:45 am Stretch and Snack Break
11 am

The Wheel of the Year and the Seasons with Anastasia Blechschmidt in the Temple Room

Family Activity: Magical Recycling: The Earth Cycles and Basic Earth Magic for Children in the Farmhouse with Chris McBrien
Chris will teach students, using basic life forms such as old leaves from last year, acorns, flowers and berries, how the cycle of Birth, Life, Death & Rebirth are shown to us on many levels and can help us transform ourselves and help others through honoring and welcoming change in various basic, easy to understand ways. Through drumming, chanting basic words symbolizing new life/rebirth/Spring and basic ritual "repurposing" such as the process of mulching old plant materials to be used as food for new plants and food, Chris will demonstrate the most ancient of magics: Transformation! The hour will end with students welcoming in Spring with a short ritual and will take with them a key fundamental lesson of Earth Magic and it's workings. 

A Brisk Walk to Spirit Rock with Heather, meet at the Barn Steps

Spirit Rock is one of the most impressive sacred sites on Circle Sanctuary's land, but the challenging walk means that many visitors never get to experience its wonder.  Join long-time community member Heather for a nature walk up to Spirit Rock, at this time of year when the view is particularly impressive, and the first spring ephemerals begin to line the trail.  Note - this walk will include some challenging terrain.  Participants should bring sturdy shoes or hiking boots, and should be prepared for a brisk pace and some steep climbs through soft loam.

Noon Picnic Lunch Outdoors, weather permitting, or in the Temple Room
Bring a picnic blanket for either outside or inside and bring a picnic lunch and snacks to share throughout the day. A table for snacks will be set up in the barn.
1 pm

Wildcrafting Herbs with Selena Fox in the Temple Room
Learn best practices for identifying, harvesting and preserving annual and perennial herbs growing wild in natural areas for personal and household culinary, healing, and ceremonial uses. Workshop also includes instruction in Green world folkway traditions of attuning to and developing relationships with herbs and other plants as allies and teachers.

Youth Activities in the Farmhouse with Paul and Vanessa
Details TBA

2 pm Stretch and Snack Break
2:30 pm

Honeybee Medicine and Magic: Reflections from 9 months of living and learning at Spikenard Honeybee Sanctuary with Ryan Lee in the Temple Room
Taking a step back from their well-known role as pollinators and honey makers, we'll explore our historical relationship with the honeybee, the current crisis we now face, and the deeper, spiritual medicine that the honeybees can bring to our lives and our world.

Family Activity: Waking Up the Earth in Spring in the Farmhouse with Colleen Koziara

4 pm

Earth Day Ceremony with Selena Fox and Others in the Stone Circle
Celebrate Earth Day and attune to Nature with music, movement, and meditation in this multicultural and interfaith ceremony, held outside in the Stone Circle weather permitting. Bring a small rock or crystal to give to the Circle during the ceremony. If you wish, bring a rattle, drum, or other rhythm instrument to play.

A procession by foot from the Barn will begin this ceremony at 4pm. Depending on road conditions, some vehicles may be able to provide transportation for those with mobility challenges.

Immediately Following the Ceremony - Cemetery Tour with Selena Fox and Ashleigh
Following our Earth Day Ceremony, those who are interested may assemble for a brief guided tour of Circle Cemetery, a national Pagan cemetery that combines Nature Spirituality beliefs with Green Cemetery and habitat conservation practices.

6 pm Cleanup and Farewells
As we bid each other fond farewell, we will collaboratively leave the space better than we found it.



What to Bring:

  • Comfortable & sturdy shoes for Nature walks.
  • Sturdy outdoor clothing and an optional change of clothes (some activities will allow you to interface directly with nature, which can be very rewarding but occasionally messy).
  • Snacks to contribute to the snack table for mid-day refreshment.
  • Drum, rattle, or other rhythm instrument for the ceremony (optional).
  • Gardening gloves for plant gathering (optional).
  • Picnic blanket or camping chair as weather permitting some workshops may be held outside (optional).
  • Stone or rock to leave at the Stone Circle (optional).