Classes with Selena Fox

selena-herb-magicNature Magic:
Explorations in Pagan Shamanism with Selena Fox

Monthly on second Fridays, 7-9pm
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Barneveld, WI
$20 per person per class ($10 for Circle Sanctuary members)
Advance registration required, as space is limited

Friday, March 11: Spirits of Nature
Developing & deepening alignments with elementals, land spirits, animal totems & plant allies

Friday, April 8: Magic Circles & Sacred Spheres
Casting & working within different types of circles & spheres to develop powers of mind & enhance shamanic journeying

Friday, May 13: Witch Bottle Crafting
Learn some Witch Bottle lore & traditions, then craft one as a charm to bless your home

Friday, June 10: Oakwood Magic
Enchanted forest experiences in sacred work with Oak Trees and Green Ones for wisdom, healing, and empowerment

Friday, July 8: Ritual Herbs Harvest
Guided field experiences in identifying, attuning to and harvesting herbs for rituals and other sacred work


Selena Fox is a Nature priestess, Pagan author, & Shamanic counselor. Her approach to spirituality combines Pagan folkways, multicultural shamanism, & transpersonal psychology. Her Nature Magic writings, rituals, chants, & photographs are published in print & online.  She travels widely presenting workshops & ceremonies & does a weekly podcast, Nature Folk.  She has a MS in counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She is founder & senior minister of Circle Sanctuary & is director of its Circle Cemetery. More info: &

Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve is a 200 acre Nature sanctuary in the forested hills of southwestern Wisconsin, near Barneveld.  This sacred Pagan land, owned & operated by Circle Sanctuary, includes a stone circle, sacred spring, spiral labyrinth, indoor temple, Green cemetery, and other ceremonial areas. More info:



Please pre-register using the form below.  Payment will be accepted at the door.