Beltane 2021

Beltane 2021 InstagramMay 1, 2021
11am - 4pm Central

ONLINE via YouTube Live

Coordinated by Brandon, Judith, Poppins, Sean-Thomas and Rev. Sharon

Spring is Beltane time!  We’re emerging from the darkness of a long winter, and a very challenging year of quarantine.  We can feel the Earth is bursting with fertile energy! It’s an incredibly joyful time and a powerful time to acknowledge and celebrate the fertility in all life.  It’s a time for us to come together, to celebrate our community, and to celebrate life!  To mark this sacred moment of connection to nature, and to our blessed community, we will gather virtually to celebrate the high energy of this most fertile season of potential and possibility. Join Circle Sanctuary on Saturday May 1st, 2021, for 'Celebrating Community Connections'.


About Beltane:

Celebrating the Seasons: Beltane


Featured Presenter: Jason Mankey

Jason Mankey read his first book on Witchcraft in the seventh grade, and at age 22 dedicated his life to the Craft. Today, Jason is a third degree Gardnerian High Priest and helps run two Witchcraft covens in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Ari. Jason is a popular speaker at Pagan and Witchcraft events across North American and Great Britain, and has been recognized by his peers as an authority on the Horned God, Wiccan history, and occult influences in rock and roll and heavy metal music. He writes online at "Raise the Horns." His latest book, "The Horned God of the Witches" will be released this June.



2021 Beltane Virtual Festival Schedule

 11 AM

Opening and Faerie Shrine Blessing with Judith
Join Judith in welcoming the community to Circle Sanctuary’s Beltane 2021 festival: Celebrating Community Connections. Join her in honoring the Fae with a virtual Faerie Shrine blessing and asking for the Fae’s support and love as we come out of a long dark year of Covid quarantine and begin to see light at the end of the tunnel at this joyous festival time of year, celebrating our continued connection to the Circle community in our hearts no matter where we are in the world.

 11:25 AM

Family Programming with Dree
Join Dree for the family programming session. This time we will be crafting May Day Majesty Crowns. This is the perfect craft for the Beltane celebration! We will be making crowns for children and grown children alike. If you would like to participate along with Dree, please have an old hat or a long, stretch, mesh back scrubber, some greenery, some flowers and a hot glue gun. All of those items can be gotten from the dollar store.

 12:00 PM

From Fire to Flirting: The Traditions & History of Beltane with Jason Mankey
Beltane is one of the most popular sabbats in the Pagan world. Spring in full bloom! Maypoles! Bonfires! In this workshop we'll explore the history of Beltane, from its origins as an Irish-Celtic fire festival, to its reimagining in the modern world. We'll also look at the origins of Beltane traditions such as the maypole, jack-in-the-green, May Queens and Kings, along with the myths that circulate in Pagan spaces in late April and early May. Beltane has a long history as a flirtatious holiday, so we will also sneak a peek at Beltane rituals such as the great rite. It's everything you ever wanted to know about Beltane (and probably more)!

 1:00 PM

Lunch Break - enjoy some Community Connection videos during the break!

 1:15 PM

Bringing in the May at Home with Rev. Selena Fox
Joyful and fun rites, chants, and customs for celebrating Beltane at home, including land attunement, fairy folk offerings, fire magic, dwelling decorating, and household blessings.

 2:00 PM

Beltane Ritual with Heather Ockler, Chris Eldridge, and Liz Wiley
Ah Beltane! Welcome all to Beltane Ritual! This ritual will consist of a pilgrimage to and through Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve, traversing over much Circle land. We will visit many of the sacred sites; we will honor the beings that live on this land, seen and unseen. We welcome All to join us to celebrate and honor the time between Spring and Summer and to Celebrate our Community. To prepare for ritual we ask that you gather 3 “cords”, about 30-40" long. The cords can be yarn, string, ribbon, strips of fabric or leather. The cords will represent the land (green or brown), the sky (light blue or white) and the sea (dark blue or teal). If you do not have the “colors” suggested, do what you will, and have one cord each represent land, sea, and sky. The images you see were filmed and photographed by Chris Eldridge and Heather Ockler. The words heard were written by Heather Ockler and Chris Eldridge. Narration by Liz Wiley.

 2:25 PM

Festival Closing with Rev. Sharon
A wrap up of our wonderful day together celebrating community connections!

 3:00 PM

Community Connections Chat with Sean-Thomas and others
Usually, Beltane is one of the first times we could come together and see each other after the long winter. While we can’t still physically enjoy that we can certainly come together in a Community Connections chat via Zoom! Join in a sacred face-to-face 1-hour connection with the people you celebrated Beltane with today! Meet and greet your community! Link will be given out during the festival closing!

 5:00 PM

SJ Tucker in Concert at 5PM Central
What a way to wrap up the day of community connections but to enjoy a lively concert by one of our favorite bards, SJ Tucker! This concert is not part of your Beltane registration. To attend this concert, you must purchase your ticket at this link. SJ is then going to donate a portion of her proceeds to Circle Sanctuary!



Registration has CLOSED for this event. It will be available the following weekend on Circle's YouTube channel.



If you have questions, please contact the Circle Office.