Beltane 2016

DSC 2641April 29 - May 1, 2016
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Barneveld, Wisconsin

Coordinated by Bob & Georgette

The Earth breathes forth life from every bud and leaf, and we come alive with Her! We call out to Tribe now, to join hands in Sacred Community to dance, sing, feast, make music and love, all in Her praise. 


* Kids' Programming * Maypole * Morris Dancing * Music * Magical Merchants Faire * Bonfires * Feasting * Workshops * Drumming Circles * May Court * and MORE!

Featured Presenter: Ellen Dugan

Ellen Dugan is the award winning author of seventeen metaphysical non-fiction titles.  In 2015 she branched out into fiction with her first paranormal series, "Legacy Of Magick". Ellen is a psychic clairvoyant and has been a practicing Witch for over thirty years, she is also a certified Master Gardener.

She wholeheartedly encourages everyone to personalize their spellcraft by getting their hands dirty, discovering the wonder and magick of the natural world, and connecting with nature.  To find out more, visit her website at

Ellen Dugan



Friday, April 29

9 am Merchant Arrivals
Noon Open for General Arrivals
Noon - 7 pm
  • Merchant Faire on the Green
  • Silent Auction & Raffle Donations accepted in the Temple Room
2 pm Unwrapping of the Maypole on the Green
2:30 pm Workshops:
  • Garden Witchery & Herb Magick with Ellen Dugan
    How does your magickal garden grow?... With violets, rosemary, and yarrow to attract faeries; an apple tree for love and health; and a circle of stones in some tucked-away corner? Whether you live in a cottage in the woods, a home in the suburbs, or a city apartment with a small balcony, a powerful and enchanted realm awaits you. Discover the secret language and magickal properties of the trees and flowers, herbs and plants found growing around you, and learn how to create your own witch's garden.
  • Childrens' Workshop: Beltane Prayer Flags with Bo Nelson
    We will work together to create prayer flags to help send out our wishes and intentions for the season to come.
5 pm Dinner behind the Farmhouse
7 pm Opening Ritual with Selena, Georgette & Bob
8:30 pm Beltane or Bust Game Show Night!
Enjoy an evening of cheeky fun with festival friends! Learn something new, have some giggles, and maybe get your flirt on as we gather for a rousing session of friendly competition on the Beltane stage. Relax in a tavern style setting with provided refreshments and enjoy the show. Audience participation will definitely be required!

Saturday, April 30

7 - 8:30 am Breakfast in the Summer Kitchen
8 am
  • Gate Opens for general arrivals
9 am
  • Silent Auction & Raffle Items accepted in barn until 5 pm
  • Merchant Faire on the Green until 7 pm
  • Newcomers' Meet & Greet
  • Baby Blessing for Willow Zopp with Georgette & Selena at the Maypole
9:30 am Childrens' Workshop: Map Making, Safety on the Land, and Setting Boundaries with Mary and Brooke
An introduction to safe hiking practices, orienting to landmarks, map reading, and other skills for safely navigating Circle's land.
10:30 am May Court Selection & Crowning
11 am
  • Oak Apple Morris Dancers on the Green
  • Guided Painting Experience with Colleen
    Art is in us all -- Tap into your own aesthetic senses to paint your own beautiful GreenMan or GreenWoman masterpiece, guided by award winning artist Colleen Koziara. Class limited to 20 adults, onsite pre-registration required. A $2 fee will be collected for materials.
12:30 pm Potluck Lunch behind the farmhouse
1:30 pm Maypole Dance Practice on the Green
2 pm Workshops:
  • Practical Prosperity Magick with Ellen Dugan
    Learn how to optimize your opportunities and draw success with this no-nonsense approach to prosperity magick. Providing an accessible foundation grounded in the seven Hermetic principles and the four elements, author Ellen Dugan explores how it can be combined with the law of attraction to improve your future.
  • Childrens' Workshop: Beltane Traditions with Bo Nelson
    In this workshop we will set the stage for the festival with the kids. We will discuss themes of Beltane, what it means and its traditions.
3:30 pm Workshops:
  • Bringing In The May with Selena Fox
    Learn about old folk traditions of "going a-maying" and then experience this first hand as you connect with the greening of the land and the blossoming of Springtime.
  • Childrens' Maypole with Brooke
5 pm Raffle Drawing
5:30 pm Dinner behind the Farmhouse
6 pm Gate Closes for arrivals
6:45 pm Beltane Ritual with Georgette
The colors, sounds, & excitement of Beltane are popping and bursting forth all around us! Dance the maypole, feel the heartbeat of the drum, and mark the sacred moment of Divine Union as we gather with community to celebrate the high energy of this most fertile season of potential and possibility. Magick is afoot!
9 pm Spiral Labyrinth with Daisy
A meditative, guided journey through our Spiral Labyrinth.

Sunday, May 1

7 - 8:30 am Breakfast in the Summer Kitchen
8 am Gate Opens for Arrivals
9 am Workshops:
  • Psychic Abilities: What are Yours? with Ellen Dugan
    We all have psychic abilities; the trick is to be able to figure out what particular talents you are bringing to the table. There are four main areas of psychic abilities and author Ellen Dugan will quickly help you figure out where your talents lie. For example: Are you a visionary, an intuitive and empath or a telepath? If you want to find out, then this is the class for you!
  • Childrens' Workshop: Beltane Water Magick with Bo Nelson
    We will get together on Beltane Morning to collect water from the morning dew and from springs on the land to be used for blessings!
11 am Baby Blessing for Serena Skye, daughter of Nicole Davis of Michigan at the Maypole
Noon Lunch behind the Farmhouse
1 pm Closing Ritual
3 pm Final Departures




  • Ritual garb and/or brightly colored clothes, as well as a crown of flowers or greens for your head or bells for your feet, to wear during the Beltane ritual. (optional)
  • Hand clippers or a knife for clipping greenery if possible for the Bringing in the May workshop.
  • Offering of small crystals, fresh flowers, other items for Fairy Shrine (optional)
  • Offering of small stones, crystals, rocks, flowers for the Stone Circle (optional)
  • Contribution for potluck feast to feed at least two dozen, for Saturday lunch. For details, please see our Potluck Guidelines.
  • Your own cup to use for drinks at meals and other times.
  • Camping Gear: tent, sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress, flashlight, water jug, towel, biodegradable soap and shampoo, personal toiletries, sungear, raingear, cold weather gear, insect and tick repellent.
  • A lawn chair, mat, or blanket for outdoor seating. Many activities will be outside.
  • An item for the Raffle and/or Silent Auction (optional)
  • Drum, rattle, or other rhythm instrument. (optional)
  • Chants, songs, or rhythms for late night drumming/dancing (optional)