Beltane 2015

DSC 2641May 1 - May 3, 2015
at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve
near Barneveld, Wisconsin

Coordinated by Bob & Georgette

The Earth breathes forth life from every bud and leaf, and we come alive with Her! We call out to Tribe now, to join hands in Sacred Community to dance, sing, feast, make music and love, all in Her praise. 


* Kids' Programming * Maypole * Morris Dancing * Music * Magical Merchants Faire * Bonfires * Feasting * Workshops * Drumming Circles * May Court * and MORE!


Friday, May 1

9 am Merchant Arrivals
Noon Open for General Arrivals
Noon - 7 pm
  • Merchant Faire on the Green
  • Silent Auction & Raffle Donations accepted in the Temple Room
2 pm Unwrapping of the Maypole on the Green, followed by replacement of the Maypole ribbons
3 pm Workshops:
  • Fairy Folk May Day Traditions with Selena Fox
    Explore Beltane traditions of connecting with Fairy Folk and take part in an honoring of Fairy Folk at the Fairy Shrine. Bring a fresh flower, small quartz crystal, or other offering for the Fairy Folk to leave at the Shrine.
  • Children's Workshop: Celebrating Beltane with Bo
    In this workshop we will set the stage for the festival with the kids. We will discuss themes of Beltane, what it means and its traditions.
5 pm Dinner behind the Farmhouse
7 pm Opening Ritual with Selena and others
8 pm Tavern on the Green
With high spirits and light in our eyes, we gather together for music and revelry outdoors on the Green! Wash away winter with festive libations as we warm our spirits with good friends, song, and camaraderie during a casual evening of lighthearted mirth. Bring your favorite cup and a merry spirit! Optional contributions to the tip jar go toward Circle’s fundraising efforts, and would be gratefully appreciated. Let’s raise a glass together to the flowering Spring!

Saturday, May 2

7 - 8:30 am Breakfast in the Summer Kitchen
8 am
  • Gate Opens for general arrivals
  • Silent Auction & Raffle Items accepted in barn until 6 pm
  • Merchant Faire on the Green until 7 pm
9 am
  • Nature Walk with Reed
    Explore Circle land with naturalist Reed Cockrell, and enjoy the newly-expanded walking trails!
  • Children's Workshop: Exploring and Painting with the Elements with Bo, Blodie & Colleen
    An introduction to the five elements in nature, and the colors and symbols that correspond to Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. A painting will be created by the group using the elemental colors that will hang in the Temple Room. All kids are encouraged to participate.
9:30 am Newcomers' Meet & Greet with Florence
10:30 am May Court Selection & Crowning
11 am Oak Apple Morris Dancers on the Green
12 pm Potluck Lunch
1:30 pm Maypole Dance Practice on the Green
2 pm Workshops:
  • Beltane Magic
    Explore old & new ways of celebrating Beltane & working with the creative powers of the May in personal & community life.
  • Children's Workshop: Energy Work 101 for Youth with Bo
    Open to youth of all ages. In this workshop we will spend some time learning basics of energy work. We will begin with a lesson in grounding and meditating and then will venture out on some of the lands sacred spaces to feel the energy of the land in all of its forms.
3:30 pm Nature Focus as a Distinct Style of Paganism with Bob Paxton
Starting with John Beckett's "Four Centers of Paganism", this workshop explores the diversity of Pagan practice & thought, then delves into the Nature-centered Paganism which arises when individuals and communities work on a specific piece of sacred land.
5 pm Raffle Drawing
5:30 pm Dinner behind the Farmhouse
7 pm Gate Closes for arrivals
7 pm The Wellspring of Rapture: A Beltane Ritual with Georgette and others
As color, life, and sound spring forth from our wakening land we yearn for loving connections and jubilant moments to set our souls rising! Meet on the green as we circle up to joyfully dance the Maypole and weave a season of prosperity for our community & ourselves, followed by a procession to the Festival Circle to mark the eternal dance of the Divine Ones, enthralling us in their sacred rapture. Awaken to life fully, and plunge deeply into the well of Beltane exhilaration.
9 pm Spiral Labyrinth with Ashleigh
A meditative, guided journey through our Spiral Labyrinth.

Sunday, May 3

7 - 8:30 am Breakfast in the Summer Kitchen
8 am Gate Opens for Arrivals
9 am Native Wisdom - The Realities of the Northern Plains Oyate' with Chante in the Temple Room
What was it like? How has it changed? What can these Ways teach us about ourselves? and how to interpret our life ways.
Noon Lunch behind the Farmhouse
1 pm Closing Ritual
3 pm Final Departures




  • Ritual garb and/or brightly colored clothes, as well as a crown of flowers or greens for your head or bells for your feet, to wear during the Beltane ritual. Faerie, elven, pixie and fantasy garb are encouraged throughout the weekend and especially for the Beltane ritual Saturday evening.(optional)
  • Contribution for potluck feast to feed at least two dozen, for Saturday lunch. For details, please see our Potluck Guidelines.
  • Your own cup to use for drinks at meals and other times.
  • Camping Gear: tent, sleeping bag, pillow, air mattress, flashlight, water jug, towel, biodegradable soap and shampoo, personal toiletries, sungear, raingear, cold weather gear, insect and tick repellent.
  • A lawn chair, mat, or blanket for outdoor seating. Many activities will be outside.
  • An item for the Raffle and/or Silent Auction (optional)
  • Drum, rattle, or other rhythm instrument. (optional)
  • Chants, songs, or rhythms for late night drumming/dancing (optional)
  • A stone to give away to the Stone Circle. (optional)