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Summer Invocation to the Goddess

by De-Anna Alba

Oh, enduring Earth Mother who ever creates Herself anew, the months of Summer art surely Thy crowning glory. We are thrice blessed to have Thy shinning countenance to warm our bodies and renew our spirits. To have the cool, refreshing waters of Thy veins to wash away our cares and to quench our have the growing green things and flowers of Thy footpath to nourish us and bring delight to our souls.

Be with us this season of Summer to guide our spirits to an enriching harvest just as You guide our crops to a fruitful yield. Help us to wed to duality within ourselves to ourselves just as you have wed yourself to the fair-haired Youth of Summer. Look down upon us from your throne of the Moon and join us in our nightly frolics at New Moon, Full Moon, and Sabbat. Let the cool winds of your Summer nights refresh us when our dancing is done. Let the twinkling of Thy myriad stareyes remind us of Thy eternal presence and of the vastness of Thy love for us. And, in the morning, when our rituals have ended, let Thy rising Sun be a reminder to us of that love for us which is recreated anew with the dawning of each day.

Oh, Gracious Goddess, Thy gifts to us are many. Take our worship and our praise of Thee in this season as our token of thanks for all you have given us. Help us to remember to take the time to go out amongst Thy woods, hills, wild-flowers, streams, and lakes to commune with Thee and Thy nature spirits. For how better to come to know Thee than to spend time among Thy creations which are Thy Soul.

Published in Circle Network News, Summer 1980, page 3.