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Circle Craft: Full Moon Rituals

by Selena Fox

Full Moon time is a wonderful time for doing rituals. Here are some examples of Full Moon rituals I have created as part of my practice of the Circle Craft tradition:

Greeting the Rising Moon

When possible, do this rite outdoors in a natural setting. As the sun is setting, and at least fifteen minutes before Moonrise, go to a place with a good view of the rise of the Full Moon on the horizon. Stand or sit meditatively, with your focus on the horizon. Notice the glow appearing on the point of the horizon where the Moon will rise. As the Full Moon rises, raise your arms up, and speak or sing a welcome. If you wish, follow this with a standing or sitting meditation.

Moonlight Bask

Go to a place illuminated by the light of the Full Moon. Turn off electric lights and other forms of illumination. Meditate on yourself glowing with moonlight as you lay down, sit, or stand. You may want to hold a sacred tool or other spiritual object as you do this so that it, too, will bask in the Moonlight. When possible, do this ritual outdoors. If, indoors, do this by a large window and open it, if possible.

Moon Dance

In silence, with song, and/or with rhythms, dance by yourself or with others in the light of the Full Moon. Begin by attuning yourself to the Moon and one or more associated aspects of the Divine. Then, dance ecstatically in free form and/or folk dance styles. When you are done, sit meditatively and then give thanks.

Drawing Down the Moon

Drawing Down the Moon refers to ritually connecting with the power and wisdom of a Full Moon divinity. In some Wiccan traditions, this is done by the priest of a group calling the Moon Goddess into the priestess in order for her to become the living embodiment of the deity during the ritual. However, there also are other types of Drawing Down the Moon rituals. In the Circle Craft tradition, all participants in a group ritual Draw Down the Moon by simultaneously evoking the Moon Goddess within themselves. We also Draw Down the Moon as a personal rite by the following method. Do a personal Drawing Down the Moon ritual in a private place where you are not likely to be disturbed. Create sacred space. Then, hold your arms up above your head, curving them slightly and holding your palms toward each other so that as you do this you get a sense of being a great chalice. Invoke the Full Moon Goddess or some other Full Moon Divine form you wish to link with. As you do the invocation, call to mind the image of a shining disc of Moonlight coming down into yourself through your sacred chalice posture. Drink in the power, wisdom, and light of the Moon Goddess. Then, slowly move your arms so that your hands overlap each other on your heart area. Experience yourself as becoming one with the disc of Moonlight and the Moon Goddess. Experience yourself glowing with Lunar radiance, power, and wisdom, and continue to resonate for several minutes. Then, receive, reflect on, and remember your experiences and any guidance that comes to you. When you sense it is time to end the ritual, give thanks to the Moon Goddess and Sacred Moon. Then, end the ritual and eat some food to aid in grounding. Write about your experiences.

Moon Mirror Healing

Place a silvered mirror, face up on an altar or other sacred place so that the light of the Full Moon shines upon it. In the center of the mirror, place a symbol to represent the one seeking healing. The symbol could be a photo, crystal, lit candle, piece of jewelry, lock of hair, name on a card, or some other object. Use the symbol on the mirror in the Moonlight as a focal point as you imagine that the one needing healing is becoming well and then is healthy. After the ritual, deliver the symbol to the subject of the healing rite as an additional way of transmitting healing. Cleanse the mirror you used by washing it with Mugwort potion or passing it through Mugwort smoke or some other incense so that the mirror will be ready for you to use for other healing work in the future.

Chalice of Spiritual Wisdom

Fill a chalice, cup, or other drinking vessel with clean and delicious water, preferably from a well or spring. Hold the chalice up so that the light of the Full Moon shines upon the water it contains. Honor the Divine as Full Moon with an invocation or chant. Ask the Divine to energize the water and bless you with spiritual wisdom. Then drink of the water of the chalice, meditate, and pay attention to any guidance you receive as you do this. Give thanks. Pour out any left over water in the chalice as an offering onto the land where you did the ritual or give it to a tree or other plants.

Selena Fox

Selena Fox is the founder of the Circle Craft tradition, a form of the Wiccan religion that blends together old and new Pagan folkways, multicultural shamanism, ecospirituality, and transpersonal psychology. Each month at Circle Sanctuary land in Wisconsin, she facilitates Craftway Circle, a Circle Craft study group. This article is adapted from her Full Moon Rituals presentation at the March 2001 Craftway Circle.