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Children and the Goddess

by Kristin Madden

The Goddess appears in a great many forms, some of the easiest of which for children to relate to are found in the natural world. Children possess an innate connection to Nature and can easily develop a relationship to the Goddess through planting and nurturing seeds, or simply taking a walk outside. Families can develop an entire educational unit around the Moon, its phases, and associated deities and legends, as another means of connecting children with the Goddess. Studies of ecosystems, water cycles, and animals lend themselves well to an exploration of the Earth Goddess or any Goddesses from around the world that may be related to the topic at hand. Learning can truly be a holistic experience, integrating spirituality and academics. With a little creativity, even the youngest child can find the love of the Mother of All in the natural world that supports us.

This is a short but sweet song (generally sung to the tune of "Jesus Loves Me") that our son has enjoyed during wilderness walks, campouts, and Moon rituals:

The Goddess loves me
Yes She does
Moonlight fills me with Her love
She is all that I may see
Grass and rock and stream and tree

Children can also give back to the Earth in thanks for the Goddess's love and support by getting involved in Earth-based activism or through recycling and water conservation at home. Since Spring is one of the prime migration times for many species of animal, it is a good time to offer them food or water. Guide your children in scattering seeds on the ground in a pentacle or yin/yang shape. As you do so, ask the Great Mother to bless all those that receive these gifts. Charge the symbol and seeds with prayers of health, warmth, and happiness.

Kristin Madden

Kristin Madden is a homeschooling mom and wildlife rehabilitator. She is the author of "Pagan Parenting" and "Shamanic Guide to Death and Dying". She has two upcoming books: "Mabon: Celebrating the Autumn Equinox" (to be released in July) and "The Book of Shamanic Healing" (released in December).

You can visit her online at or write to her c/o Llewellyn Worldwide, PO Box 64383, 1-56718-492-8, St. Paul, MN 55164-0383, USA.