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About Circle Magazine:

In 1979, Circle Magazine started out as Circle Network News, which was published to update and inform the growing Circle community.  Over the years the publication has grown, changed format and is now a quarterly magazine.  It is available to subscribers both electronically and in hard copy, and is sold at both mainstream bookstores and specialty stores as well as in Circle Sanctuary's Owl's Nest shop.

Circle Magazine publishes content that is of interest to the Pagan and Nature Spirituality community.  Each issue will typically include articles, poetry and inspirational prose, art and photography. 

Regular Magazine Sections:

  • Around Circle Sanctuary - a short (2 page) report, typically from Selena Fox, summarizing significant events in the life of Circle Sanctuary since the previous issue.  This serves in many ways as Circle Sanctuary's main 'newsletter' to the community.
  • Forum - Each issue of Circle Magazine has a 'theme' section which we call the 'Forum.'  Forum topics will be broad and cover some large subject in Pagan life, theology or practice.   We try to present a variety of perspectives, occasionally including contradictory opinions, in forum articles to present the reader with an engaging and nuanced view of the subject.  The Forum also includes topical art and poetry.
  • Non-Forum - articles that are not related to the Forum topic but are of interest to the Pagan community.  These are on many topics which change each issue such as: seasonal features (rituals, projects, inspiration), magical lore & technique (including herbs, gems, tools, etc.), community building (such as leadership advice or ritual craft), meditations & rituals, book or media reviews, PSG updates, and news from within the Pagan community. 
  • Lady Liberty League Report ­- summary of activities of Circle Sanctuary's Religious Liberties program
  • Passages - a free listing for recent rites of passage that readers wish to announce.  These typically include births, baby blessings, coming of age ceremonies, handfastings, weddings, sagings, cronings  and deaths of both humans and animal companions.  The Passages section also includes longer memorial essays on those recently deceased who have been of particular significance to the Pagan community.
  • Magical Marketplace - includes paid advertisements, listings of Circle Sanctuary's other services, advertisements from Circle Sanctuary's Owl's Nest shop and how to order subscriptions or back issues of Circle Magazine.


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Calling all writers, scholars, reporters, poets, artists and photographers! 

CIRCLE Magazine is seeking articles, rituals, meditations, essays, and stories about Pagan practices & experiences.  We are also need in corresponding poetry, illustrations and photographs. Upcoming forum topics include:

Issue #121, Bardic Paths

Exploring the role of bards in the community, both historic and modern; tapping into divine inspiration; learning from Pagan musicians and their creative process; poetry and inspired words for ritual; and enhancing creativity

Deadline: March 25, 2015


Issue #122, Life's End & Beyond

Pagan ways of thinking about death and dying.  Rituals and meditations for grief and to honor the ancestors.  Gods and Goddesses of the underworld.

Deadline: July 6, 2015


We are also seeking articles, poems and artwork about other topics of interest to the Pagan and nature spirituality community.  For more information and to submit articles, please read the submission guidelines.



Issue 119 - Sages, Crones & Elders

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From the Editor

Call for Submissions

About the Cover Artist

Around Circle Sanctuary



Respect Your Elders by Colleen Koziara

SHOU-HSING, Chinese Taoist God of Long Life by Bob Cuneo

Proposed Pagan Senior Care Community Survey by Colleen Koziara

Recovering the Crone: A Pattern for Valuing Elders in the Demeter/Persephone Myth by Ametrine MoonWood

Poem: Grandmother Speaks by Kate Bowditch

Croning or Saging Rites of Passage for Elders by Sam Silver

Becoming an Elder - On Your Mark... by Janet Balboa

Honouring Elders and Aging? by Professor Michael York

The Shadow Side of the Crone and Sage: Alzheimer's and the Pagan Community by Lady Maeve Wordweaver

The Stream of Transmission by Rev. Chiron

Growing Pagan Elders by Aline O’Brien (M. Macha NightMare)

Becoming a Sage by Jim Blechschmidt

Give Me That Old Timer Religion by Katharine Clark

Pagan Elder-hood by Rev. PathWalker

Poem: The Words of the Ancient Wise by Rev. Melissa Hill

Croning Ritual by Rev. Selena Fox


Regular Features:

Modern Mythology: A Story of Brigid by Literata

Poem: Churn by Literata

Poem: Kindle the Fire by Literata

Seasonal Celebration: Brigid Attunement Imbolc Ritual by Rev. Selena Fox

Ritual Design & Facilitation: Accessibility, Learning Modalities, & Logistics by Shauna Aura Knight

Pagan Life: Birthdays as Rite of Passage by Dru Ann Welch

Pagan Parenting: Children, Gender, & Polarity by Dee Bitner

Ritual: Invocation To Selene Greek Titan Moon Goddess by Chris Aldridge

Winter Blend Incense by Regina Stovall

Pagan Activism: Water Warriors by Robin Mahonen

Pagan Activism: Religions for the Earth & the People’s Climate March by Andras Corban-Arthen

Upcoming Interfaith Event: Parliament of the World's Religions

Lady Liberty League Report by Dianne (Minerva) Duggan

Community Passages

Samhain Remembrances at Circle Cemetery

Special Feature: Forty Years of Circle Sanctuary

Magical Marketplace

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CIRCLE Magazine Staff & Volunteers:

Advisor: Selena Fox

Editor: Florence Edwards-Miller

Circle Staff: Marian Metcalf

Volunteer Copy Editing Team: Minerva Thalia, Tina Horton, Shauna Aura Knight, Ashleigh Smiley, Kathy Villagomez

Media & Advertising Assistant: James Belmont

Photographer & Webmaster: Robert Paxton


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