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Circle Guide to Pagan Resources

CoverThe Circle Guide to Pagan Resources is a directory of hundreds of Pagan Churches, Wiccan Covens, Druid Groves, Goddess Groups, Shamanic Circles, and other resources throughout the United States, Canada, and other countries. Includes listings for groups, periodicals, networks, stores, festivals, centers, websites, and more. Indexed and spiral bound for easy reference. It is also a perennial favorite networking tool for newcomers and long time practitioners alike. It includes both on-line and off-line resources.

The Sixteenth Edition (November 2011) is the final edition of this guide, as on-line networking resources such as Witchvox, Facebook and have largely rendered it obsolete.


Current Edition

Our Sixteenth Edition (November 2011) is available in printed form for $16 US postpaid (via First Class/Airmail) in the United States and Canada & $17 US for First Class orders with Delivery Confirmation. International orders: please contact us before ordering for shipping rates.

A digital download of the guide is also available for $13.

To order by postal mail, make US check, US money order, or international money order in US dollars payable to Circle Sanctuary. Include your name and complete mailing address with postal codes, plus telephone number. Send to:

Circle Guide
Circle Sanctuary
PO Box 9
Barneveld, WI 53507 USA.


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