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Announcement from CIRCLE Magazine

circle magazine logoDear Friends of CIRCLE Magazine,

At Circle Sanctuary our mission is to honor the Divine through nature preservation and fostering Community.  This past year, we've done a great deal of visioning to help guide us toward the best way that we can fulfill our mission to the Divine and to the Pagan community.  For decades now, CIRCLE Magazine has been one way that Circle Sanctuary has fostered Pagan community.  When it began, and through much of its history -- first as Circle Network News and then as CIRCLE Magazine -- this service provided a unique source for Pagan ideas and inspiration as well as creating a venue for Pagan authors, writers, poets, and artists to express themselves.  Our community has changed a great deal in that time, and now there are a diversity of sources for Pagan information, both in print and online, with more created annually.  Paganism is growing and thriving, and we at Circle Sanctuary could not be more pleased.

Circle Sanctuary produced CIRCLE Magazine as a labor of love and service to our community, not a means of generating revenue.  For some time now the magazine has cost more to produce than it brings in.  Circle Sanctuary is a nonprofit with very limited resources in funding, staffing, and volunteers, and given today's greater access to Pagan information, we have decided that producing the magazine is no longer a good use of our limited resources.

Issue #122, which is in the final stages of production, will be our last issue of CIRCLE Magazine.  We hope to eventually produce compilations and other special issues under that title, but we have no immediate plans to do so.  We will also continue to offer both print and digital editions of CIRCLE Magazine back issues through the Owl's Nest store.  They contain a wealth of timeless information, and I encourage you to explore those issues you may not have yet.  We also hope to make even more back issues available for digital download in the future.

Additionally, in the spring, Circle Sanctuary will begin publishing a quarterly newsletter, which will include many of the features formerly found in CIRCLE Magazine.  This newsletter will be available as part of Circle's new membership program, which will be launching in the New Year.  The newsletter is only one part of our efforts to refocus our resources on building and sustaining our Circle Sanctuary community, and we look forward to continuing to work with our community members on this process during the coming year.

We know this decision will be difficult for many.  Thank you for your support and your understanding.  We give thanks for all the authors, artists, poets, editors, volunteers and others who have offered their talents to create CIRCLE Magazine, and for all our many readers over the years.  It is with a heavy heart that we make this decision, however as Pagans we know that change is part of the cycle of life, and renewal follows endings.  We look forward to the opportunities ahead.



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