About Circle Magazine
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About Circle Magazine

Circle is a nonprofit resource center serving people around the world interested in Magic, Wicca/Paganism, Shamanism, Goddess Spirituality, and Nature Spirituality. Circle, begun in 1974, is headquartered at Circle Sanctuary, a 200 acre Nature Preserve in the rolling hills of southwestern Wisconsin. Circle coordinates Circle Network, an international information exchange and contact service for Wiccans and other practitioners of Positive (healing/helping) Magic, Druids, Native American Medicine People, Ceremonial Magicians, Seers and other Psychics, Shamans of many cultures, Pantheists and Panentheists, People attuned to Feminism and Humanism, Priestesses and Priests of Mother Nature in Her many forms, Ecology Activists, Eclectic Neo-Pagans, and many others.

Circle began publishing Circle Network News in 1978 to serve its Network. It was published in tabloid newspaper format until the Winter 97/98 issue. Beginning with the Spring 1998 issue, it was published in magazine format. As of the Fall 1999 issue, the name of Circle Network News was changed to CIRCLE Magazine. CIRCLE Magazine is a 72 page magazine published quarterly, with each issue dedicated to a particular theme and filled with a variety of articles, rituals, meditations, illustrations, invocations, contacts, news, photos, herbal formulas, reviews, magical development exercises, chants, advertisements, and other material.

CIRCLE Magazine goes to several thousand Circle Network subscribers individuals, groups, and resource centers. In addition, it is distributed through a large number of distributors, bookstores, and centers, and is in many libraries. Readership is estimated at 10,000. Most of the readers are in the USA, but there are also readers in Canada, Australia, Japan, and a variety of other countries in Europe, Africa, and elsewhere. Based on feedback we have received from past advertisers, some ads in CIRCLE Magazine have generated more response than similar ads run in other Pagan publications.


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