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Sponsored Circles

FGOC1-smallCircle Sanctuary sponsors and supports open Circles at US military installations, including ships, across the USA and overseas, including war zones. Circle Sanctuary also provides Distinctive Religious Group Leader (DRGL) training and endorsement as part of its Circles sponsorship. The Circles and their DRGLs provide spiritual fellowship, study, and ritual. Membership in the Circles is free and is open to Wiccans, Druids, and other Pagans of many paths. For more info, email Rev. Tiffany, the Sponsored Circles coordinator: drgl@circlesanctuary.org.

Sampling of Pagan Circles sponsored (past & present) by Circle Sanctuary

US Army

  • Fort Gordon, Georgia
  • DSCF7820-smallFort Bragg, North Carolina
  • Fort Meade, Maryland
  • Fort Sill, Oklahoma
  • Fort Knox, Kentucky
  • Fort Riley, Kansas
  • Fort Wainwright, Alaska
  • Camp Hovey, Korea
  • Fort Hood, Texas
  • Fort Bliss, Texas
  • Camp Ripley, Minnesota
  • Camp Buehring, Kuwait
  • Camp Dehdadi, Afghanistan

US Air Force

  • Sheppard Air Force Base, Texas
  • Fort Meade, Maryland
  • Langley Air Force Base, Virginia
  • Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, Arizona
  • Minot Air Force Base, North Dakota
  • Laughlin Air Force Base, Texas
  • Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma
  • Kadena Air Base, Japan
  • Osan Air Base, Korea
  • Ellsworth Air Force Base, South Dakota
  • Eglin Air Force Base, Florida
  • Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar

DSCF7862-smallUS Navy

  • USS Ronald Reagan
  • USS Abraham Lincoln
  • USS Carney
  • USS Stennis
  • USS Bataan
  • USS Makin Island
  • USS Carl Vinson
  • Great Lakes Recruit Training Command (Navy Boot Camp), Chicago, Illinois
  • Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, Washington
  • Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan
  • Mayport Naval Air Station, Jacksonville, Florida

US Marines

  • Camp Lejeune, North Carolina
  • Camp Pendleton, California

..... plus others.


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Military Pagan Prayer Cards

These wallet-sized laminated cards contain a prayer of protection and blessing on one side and Pentagram with American flag on the other. Created by Circle Sanctuary in March, 2003, these cards are available free of charge to those serving on active duty and to their family and friends who keep altars of support for them.

Religious communities all over the world are rallying in support of their Military personnel being deployed to the Middle East. Most agree that in spite of the wide range of differing opinions regarding this war, those serving in the military still need and deserve the spiritual support of their communities at home.

Pagans from many paths and places serve in the US military and are currently among those being deployed. In response to this, Circle Sanctuary is making available Military Pagan prayer cards for those Pagans on active duty. The prayer card includes a graphic and an Elemental blessing on laminated cardstock, and is about the size of a driver's license or credit card, so as to be easily transported in a wallet.

If you, or someone you know is currently on active duty, and you would like to obtain a card for yourself or them, please contact the Circle office:

(608) 924-2216 or circle@circlesanctuary.org
P.O. Box 9, Barneveld, WI 53507

There is no fee charged for these cards. However, donations to help Circle Sanctuary cover the costs of producing & mailing these cards are welcome and tax deductible in the US. Make checks/money orders payable to Circle. Credit card donations are also accepted and can be made below through our secure online payment system.


Military Pagan Blessing

Powers of the Ancient Ways,
In this place far from my home and my family,
I honor you and call upon you.

Powers of Earth,
Strengthen my physical body and the bodies of my peers and commanders.

Powers of Air,
Keep me vigilant at my post,
My mind clear and sharp.

Powers of Fire,
Give me courage,
Even when my duty is hard or bitter.

Powers of Water,
Grant me restful slumber and good dreams after a long duty day.

Powers of Spirit,
Balance me in honor, nobility, and spiritual purpose.

Powers of Goddess & God & Their Unity,
Be with me & around me, bless me & protect me as I carry out my mission.

So Mote It Be.

© 2003, Circle Sanctuary, PO Box 9, Barneveld, WI 53507.
Copies of the Prayer and these credit lines may be copied without
additional permission & forwarded to Pagans in the military.

Prayer Card Project Staff:
Prayer by Dr. Drake Spaeth and Rev. Selena Fox.
Graphic by Kia.
Cards produced by Circle staff.


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Pagan Military Service Ribbon

pmsr ribbonPagan Military Service Ribbon (PMSR) is a recognition award for Pagans who are serving or who have served in the US Military as well as military forces of allied countries.

This Ribbon pin, created by Circle Sanctuary in 2011, is being ceremonially presented to Pagan veterans and troops by Circle Sanctuary Military Ministers at a variety of festivals, conferences, and other events across the USA.

Ribbon symbolism is embodied in its colors and shapes.  It is rectangular with six red and six white stripes surrounding a field of blue with a golden acorn at its center.

  • The Golden Acorn represents Paganism and the enduring power, strength, protection, and magic of the Oak, held sacred by many Wiccan, Druidic, Heathen, and other Pagan traditions.
  • The Blue field and the Red and White stripes represent the USA, its Flag, and Great Seal.
  • The color Gold represents Generosity and Honor.
  • The color White represents Purity and Dedication.
  • The color Red represents Courage and Valor.
  • The color Blue represents Loyalty and Steadfastness.
  • The Ribbon as a whole represents Recognition and Appreciation for Military Service.

Ribbons are presernted in ceremonies in-person, and also via internet radio which requires a live call-in.  In order to be eligible for a Pagan Military Service Ribbon, please share the following information with us:



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Pagan Military Association

pmaSocial network for Pagans who are serving and who have served in the military, their families, their friends & supporters.

Open to Pagans of many spiritual paths & organizational affiliations.

Sponsored by Circle Sanctuary as part of its Pagan Military Support services.

Join us on Facebook!


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Pagan War Dead

DSCF7523List compiled by Selena Fox of Circle Sanctuary
Current as of November 29, 2011 - Send additions to: circle@circlesanctuary.org
Gravesite for each has a pentacle marker from the US Department of Veterans Affairs

AFGHANISTAN: Operation Enduring Freedom

Sgt. Patrick Dana Stewart of Fernley, Nevada.
Nevada Army National Guard. Killed in action, died September 25, 2005, age 34.
Cremains scattered September 25, 2006, Nevada Highlands, Nevada.
Some cremains buried May 28, 2007, Circle Cemetery, near Barneveld, Wisconsin.

IRAQ: Operation Iraqi Freedom

Spc. James W. Price of Cleveland, Tennessee.
US Army. Killed in action, died September 18, 2004, age 22.
Buried in Sunset Memorial Gardens, Cleveland, Tennessee.

Pfc. Stephen P. Snowberger, III of Lopez, Pennsylvania.
US Army. Killed in action, died May 11, 2006, age 18.
Buried in Brown Family Cemetery, Lexington, North Carolina.

Sgt. Jason Alan Schumann of Hawley, Minnesota.
US Army. Killed in action, died May 19, 2007, age 23.
Buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, Minnesota.



Spc. Charles Thomas Heinlein, Jr. of Hemlock, Michigan.
US Army. Killed in action, died July 31, 2007, age 23.
Buried in Section 60, Arlington National Cemetery, Arlington, Virginia.

Pfc. Juctin R. P. McDaniel of Andover, New Hampshire.
US Army. Died December 17, 2007, age 19.
Buried in New Hampshire State Cemetery, New Hampshire.

Sgt. Michael Bramer of Fayetteville, North Carolina.
US Army (2001-2006). Severe head injuries in combat in October, 2003.
Died in California of injuries on January 17, 2007, age 23.
Buried in Oak Grove Cemetery, Bath, Maine.

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Order of the Pentacle Patch

O-P VeteranPatch-smallThe Order of the Pentacle Patch was designed by Kia, a Order of the Pentacle member and long-time Circle community member. The illustration of the patch debuted at the Veterans Day Circle held in the Stone Circle at Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve on November 11, 2007.

Patches are available to veteran members of the Order of the Pentacle for a donation to Operation Circle Care. To receive a patch, send an email with your name, address, and patch request to: circle@circlesanctuary.org and make a donation of at least $10 for each patch, with proceeds going to the Operation Circle Care project:

The Order of the Pentacle Patch can be worn in conjunction with the Black Watch Tartan which was made available for general use several years ago. Click here for illustrations (4.7MB .pdf) showing some ways to wear the Order of the Pentacle Patch.


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Order of the Pentacle

O-P VeteranPatch-smallThe Order of the Pentacle is a veterans association of Wiccans and other Pagans who have served and/or are serving in the US Armed Forces, and who have the Pentacle as their emblem of belief.

The Order of the Pentacle was formed on Veterans Day, November 11, 2006 to support equal rights for Wiccan/Pagan troops, veterans, and their families. The Order of the Pentacle actively supported the Veteran Pentacle Quest, which, after a decade long struggle, culminated in success on April 23, 2007 when the US Department of Veterans Affairs finally put the Pentacle on its list of emblems of belief that can be included on grave markers the VA issues to honor deceased veterans.

The Order of the Pentacle News is a free, occasional e-bulletin that is sent to members with updates about Wiccan/Pagan veteran rights efforts and related matters. Membership in the Order of the Pentacle is free.

Click here for more information on the Order of the Pentacle patch.

To join, please fill out all fields in the form below. Information will be kept confidential and for Circle Sanctuary's use only, unless you specify otherwise.


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Circle Military Ministries in the Media

Circle Sanctuary Military Ministries include public information services and work with media.

Sampling of articles:


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Circle Military Ministries

DSCF9934Circle Sanctuary provides a variety of services free of charge to Wiccan and other Pagan veterans and those presently serving in the United States military. Donations of money and supplies to support these services are welcome and are tax deductible in the USA.



Troops Support

Veterans Support




  • Veterans Ridge: honoring deceased Pagan veterans at Circle Sanctuary's national Pagan cemetery
  • Pagan War Dead: remembering those killed in the line of battle

Religious Freedom

  • Veteran Pentacle Quest: story of the successful quest to get the Pentacle included on VA-issued gravestones for deceased Wiccan and Pagan veterans
  • Media Reports: public information work in the media

Circle Sanctuary Military Ministries Team

Rev. Tiffany Andes (Denora) of Kansas
Rev. Michelle Boshears (Dawnwalker) of Florida
Rev. David Ewing of Virginia
Rev. Jeanet Ewing of Virginia
Rev. Selena Fox of Wisconsin
James Jufer of New York
Rev. Paul Larson (Chiron) of Illinois
Rev. Debby Morris (Tristan) of Maryland
Rev. Dave Sassman of Indiana
Judith Quittner Seizys of Illinois 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012 07:14

Final Thoughts

Just a few parting thoughts. Less than 5% of all Australians have ever spoken with an Aborigine. The adult literacy rate in Afghanistan is around 29%, and in the same country, some 1.6% of all births lead to maternal deaths. Greece, the mother of a number of pre-Christian faiths, is now an environment that is somewhat problematical for Pagans; the Orthodox Church fears us. Australia as a nation tends to be quite tolerant of religions, and by and large is not at all observant. While a majority is Christian, the weekly attendance at services is about 7%. Proselytizing tends to be much less common than in the States, as it is viewed as rather "odd" to talk about one's religion.

Melbourne is an eminently livable big city. It has a population of some 4 million people, but we've never felt unsafe walking about late at night, and I have noticed that the Foreign Currency Exchange places don't have bulletproof glass in the windows. There's tighter security at the gas station in my town of 7,000 people than for a financial place in a big city.

There are big issues in a lot of places, and none of the answers are simple. The early work of interfaith work is happening, but that's the easy part. That's where you get together with people of other faiths, and find the commonality, and feel good that we're all people in communities who are concerned for others, take care of people, and try to become better people.

That's the easy part. The hard part is where we get together to discuss the parts where we are different, and will not ever agree. Transcendant, revealed religions will never change to become immanent, panentheist and occult, or vice versa. We still need to talk and respect the differences.

That's the future work. Good luck, everyone.

- Dave