Ecospirituality Unitarian Universalist Prayers

Chalice Lighting Words 
by Rev. Selena Fox

We kindle this Flame of illumination that we grow in awareness and understanding about the environment
We kindle this Flame of activism that we work together for a more sustainable present & future on this Planet
We kindle this Flame of community that we celebrate and nurture our connections with each other and the greater Circle of Life of which we are part.
Blessed Be.

Call to Worship/Opening Words
by Rev. Selena Fox

We celebrate the Circle of Nature!
We Honor the Sacred Earth - the soil, rocks, and land.
We Honor the Sacred Air - the winds, atmosphere, and air that we breathe.
We Honor the Sacred Fire - the sun, flames, and other sources of energy that sustain life.
We Honor the Sacred Water - the lakes, rivers, springs, seas, rains, and other waters.
We Honor the Biosphere that is Planet Earth, our Home.
We Honor the Cosmos & the greater Universe of which we are part.
We Honor the Great Spirit that is within Us & around Us, that connects all of Nature.
Blessed Be.

by Rev. Selena Fox

Thanksgiving to the Sacred Earth, Sacred Air, Sacred Fire, Sacred Water.
Thanksgiving to Planet Earth and the Cosmos.
Thanksgiving to the Great Spirit and to the Circle of Nature.
May the power of Environmental Awareness & Action be in us & with us now & in the time to come.
Blessed Be.