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Alexandrina, Bibliotheca - Bearing Torches: A Devotional Anthology for Hecate
Hekate is, without question, one of the most popular goddesses in the world today, worshiped by Hell..
Brown, Nimue - Pagan Planet
What does it mean to live as a Pagan in this uncertain world of climate change, economic hardship an..
Circle Classics - Songs of Pagan Folk
This early recording of Circle members includes the beautiful voice of Jim Alan, two chants by Selen..
Coronato, Helen - Eco-Friendly Families
Eco-friendliness has grown into a way of life across the country. Eco-Friendly Families is the perfe..
Crosson, Monica - The Magickal Family
A hands-on guide to raising a magickal family in the modern world The Magickal Family is a real-l..
Dashu, Max - Witches and Pagans: Women in European Folk Religion
Spinners of fate, threefold ancestral mothers, the distaff as a female wand of power: these aspects ..
Dugan, Ellen - Garden Witchery
How does your magickal garden grow?... With violets, rosemary, and yarrow to attract faeries; an app..
Dugan, Ellen - Practical Prosperity Magick
Learn how to optimize your opportunities and draw success with this no-nonsense approach to prospe..
Fox , Selena - Pagans in Recovery Resource Packet
Includes a summary report of Selena's thesis findings, published as an article in the Summer 1995 is..
Fox, Selena - When Goddess is God: Pagans, Recovery, and Alcoholics Anonymous
60 page thesis, softcover, spiral bound. Complete report on the Pagans in Recovery Experiences Proje..
Heselton, Philip - Doreen Valiente Witch
Heralded as one of the greatest figures in the history of modern witchcraft, Doreen Valiente made an..
Higginbotham, Joyce & River - Pagan Spirituality: A Guide to Personal Transformation
In a world filled with beginner books, deeper explanations of the Pagan faith are rarely found. Pick..
Higginbotham, Joyce & River - Paganism: An Introduction to Earth Centered Spirituality
This wonderful book has something for everyone. It includes a basic overview of various Pagan tradit..
Kaldera, Raven - Candles in the Cave: Northern Tradition Paganism for Prisoners
Hope and faith are candles that burn in the soul, in even the darkest cave - including the prison ce..
Lupa - DIY Totemism
Are there totems beyond Wolf, Bear, Eagle? Do you want to deepend you relationship with your totems?..
Lupa - New Paths to Animal Totems
Discover Three New Models of Animal Totemism Explore three new personalized approaches to anima..
Luttichau, Chris - Caling Us Home
From a respected shamanic teacher, a blueprint for happiness which interweaves practical teachings, ..
Marquis, Melanie - Witch Mama: Magickal Traditions, Mothely Insights & Sacred Knowledge
Written for mothers, by mothers, Witchy Mama offers practical and magickal ideas, inspiration, and..
Martin, W. Lyon - Aidan's First Full Moon Circle
Aidan and his parents have been solitary witches for as long as he can remember. At the rising of th..
McCauley, Patrick - Ino the Pensieve
This book takes a look at the arc of the storyline in Harry Potter, digging below the surface to exp..
O'Gaea, Ashleen - Echantment Encumbered
A Wiccan primer, Enchantment emphasizes ethics and includes a Book of Shadows, glossaries, a time li..
Parma, Gede - Spirited
Refreshingly real and practical, Spirited gets straight to the heart of Pagan living and Pagan spi..
PSG Oval Sticker
Show your pride in being part of the PSG Community with this 6" x 4" oval PSG sticker!  Black p..
PSG Window Cling
This 4" x 4" window cling is printed in full-color with PSG 2013's logo art, by Circle community art..
Shesso, Renna - Planets for Pagans
"The sky was our original calendar, our original storybook, the first illustrated edition, the pro..
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