Yule & Winter Solstice

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2000 Winter (Winter Rituals)
2002 Summer (Gods)
2010 Winter (Pentacles)
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Aswynn, Freya - Northern Mysteries & Magick: Runes, Gods, and Feminine Powers
This book is written by one of England's foremost authorities on Runes, a Priestess of Wodan and fol..
Kristi Cowles - Woman of the North
“Kristi's CDs always have a central theme. This, her 3rd CD, explores the sweet magic that naturally..
Pentacle Cookie Stamp
Heavy silver with instructions and recipes included - 1" diamter ..
Seated God Statue
The Forest God sits, noble and strong, upon his dais. Within the crown of his antlered brow burns th..
2011 Fall (Magical Song & Chants)
2011 Fall (Magical Song & Chants) Instant Download
This Instant Download edition of CIRCLE Magazine contains the full content of the paper edition of C..
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