Pagan Leadership

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Azrael, Amber & Arynn - Candlemas: Feast of Flames
Learn more about Brigit's festival of light and life. This book includes myths and stories, magick a..
Blake, Deborah - Circle, Coven & Grove: A Year of Magickal Practice
Green, Celtic, Alexandrian, Eclectic…every circle, coven, and grove of Witches is as unique as the m..
Blanton, Crystal - Bridging the Gap
As we evolve it becomes increasingly clear that being an incredible ritualist is not all that is nee..
Blanton, Crystal -Shades of Faith
Shades of Faith: Minority Voices in Paganism is an anthology that encompasses the voices and experie..
Bonewits, Isaac - Neopagan Rites: A Guide to Creating Public Rituals that Work
Practical and engaging, this guide represents the best practices from Isaac Bonewits' over thirty-fi..
Catherine, Anastasia - Crone Thoughts & Musings
Provides a full on glimpse into the inner workings of a Crone's mind. All the things that confuse an..
Franklin, Anna - A Romantic Guide to Handfasting: Rituals, Recipes, and Lore
Sacred and solemn, handfasting is a marriage rite practiced by Pagans, Druids, Witches, and Shaman..
Knight, Shauna Aura - Ritual Facilitation: Collected Articles on the Art of Leading Rituals
Pagans and practitioners of alternative spiritual path face the challenge of learning to lead compel..
Knight, Shauna Aura - The Leader Within: Articles on Community Building, Leadership, & Personal Growth
How do we build healthy community? Pagan and alternative spirituality groups find themselves in cris..
O'Gaea, Ashleen - Celebrating the Seasons of Life: Beltane to Mabon: Lore, Rituals, Activities, and Symbols
Unlike other seasonal books, this one takes a broad look at our holidays, why we celebrate, and how ..
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